Status & planning of EU countries ordering

Hi all,

I found few info (well, no info at all) about the possibility to order a laptop from EU countries.
The site tell that some EU countries are open, but the ordering form only allow US as country.
A status page, frequently updated, or a dedicated topic here will help a lot IMO.
Many thanks. Marco

Perhaps, first, you need to change the website’s locale setting by clicking the right top button. -

For example, if you change to the country: Germany and the language: English, the site URL starts with the

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Yes, it worked! But it is a tremendous mistake in UI design hiding a so important setup where normally people select language and currency. I see no reason I cannot choose the destination during the buying process. Well, no one is perfect. Being this the site, I strongly suggest adding a note in the address mask that will help lost customers struggling to buy, and maybe recover lost sells.
Well, can you give the same resolutive help for the orphan EU countries? This is, in fact, the most important info for me and a lot of other peoples, missing from the site.
Many, many thanks

I am happy to see it worked, and I agree with you. The steps to purchase are the most important steps affecting the sales on the website, and it’s better to be simple and smooth as much as possible. Just one note for users to notice in the flow is helpful.

Maybe a note about the supported countries could be in the flow on the website. Here is just info about the supported countries as a reference.

Framework Computer - Wikipedia
Area served - United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland, Austria, The Netherlands, Australia

At what point?

It’s pretty obvious to me to select my Language/Currency on the main page.