Steamdeck Alike with a Ryzen Mainboard?

So I’m looking at the specs and the size of the mainboard and don’t think it would be unreasonable to build a deck out of it. I think I could do it as I’ve sourced most of the parts and have some experience specifically with controller design. Only part I’m missing from my BOM is a decent OLED panel with a 40 pin eDP connector. So I guess I have a few things I need to sort before I can start building.

  1. Anyone know where you can get a decent OLED touchscreen panel(in the 7-9 inch range) with a 40 pin eDP connector?

  2. Anyone have any tips on working with the Framework 13’s main board? Specifically the Ryzen version?

  3. and finally does anyone know where I can get dimensions for the required Framework parts? Like the battery, mainboard, audio pcb, WiFi card, and speakers? I figured they were somewhere around here but I’m having a bit of trouble finding them.

Once I figure this stuff out I think I can boot up Fusion360 and start working on the required 3D prints. Then I can start ordering :smiling_imp:

According to the video description, this person is going to be selling a diy kit: Framework Gaming Handheld Video!


Okay, I don’t want to be a downer but I know A LOT of projects that stay in this “I’ll make a kit!” stages. Also, I absolutely despise Joy-Cons. The whole layout is awful, the sticks are trash, and they’re ridiculously unreliable. I’m not saying the project isn’t cool but it’s definitely not what I’m looking for. I don’t want a tablet with Joy-Con support.


Not oled, but here’s a start.

Edit- they did take this into account after all, I asked in the thread and it was confirmed: Framework Gaming Handheld Video! - #34 by pitstop_tech

Elevated Systems had a go:
He discusses many of the issues he encountered.

One thing he mentions that the DIY kit video didn’t seem to consider, is it’s highly inadvisable to stack a heat producing mainboard on top of/underneath a battery, as batteries do not react well to heat.
That’s why portable devices like the steamdeck, phones, and tablets do not do that - they have the board and batteries predominantly alongside each other instead.
Given the size of the mainboard, I think you might struggle to make something steamdeck sized without stacking the battery.

I’m interested in seeing the what the final product will be like for those DIY kits by Pitstop tech, especially for what materials they used to isolate the heat of the mainboard and battery. I wanted to use the FW battery as well but a custom USB-PD power bank solution can be more flexible while avoiding heat problems in a simpler way. With a bi-directional charger board you can arrange the battery cells however you’d want and out of the way from the hottest areas of the board.