"Stereo Mix" for Tempo audio chip CODEC

I’m hoping to get a “Stereo Mix” or “What U Hear” capability with the Tempo CODEC (as it’s called here). A bit of googling led me to Tempo’s FAQ page where they talk about this:

Stereo Mix box is greyed out

Our OEM partners provide TEMPO SEMI detailed feature-sets and behavioral >specifications for every model. If a feature is not available, this is likely because they >chose not to enable it in either software or hardware. TEMPO SEMI must comply with our >customer’s specifications for their systems.

We are not allowed to distribute OEM drivers to end-users, nor can we make modifications >to the drivers outside of these manufacturer’s specifications.

TEMPO SEMI continually updates our OEM customers with new drivers that include bug >fixes and new feature requests.

Is it possible to get a driver that can support “Stereo Mix”, or is there a hardware limitation with the 92HD95B chip? Stereo Mix capability is pretty important tool for me, hoping to not have to use clunky 3rd party software.


Quite disappointed there doesn’t seem to be standard support for this very basic feature.

How/where do you get details of the onboard audio chip and codec?

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Just getting started with my Framework13, and configuring StereoMix is the first problem I have run into. The audio driver appears to be pretty bare bones as all configuration options are greyed out and stereo mix is not present.

This is a pretty important feature for anyone doing audio-related work with the laptop. I’m wondering where the limitations are, and if there is a way I can get involved in improving this feature?

Has anyone made any progress on getting StereoMix?

Short answer: no. But I realised that Windows WASAPI with loopback is available to play the same role in the software I’m using, so it’s become a non-problem. It sounds like Stereo Mix is being phased out of Windows-based systems.