No driver for Tempo audio chip?

Can we get a driver for the Tempo audio chip? My headphone jack “beeps” when it’s idle with headphones plugged in. I have a strong suspicion that’s driver related as it never beeps when the laptop is outputting audio from a video, etc. However when idle, the headphone jack beeps. That makes me thing there is so minor compatibility issue with the default Microsoft driver and the Tempo codec.


Don’t have the latest info on this issue, but it has surely been reported before and afaik there is no Tempo-specific driver.

If I understood correctly, the beeping indicates the chip being powered on from its power saving state, so if it is kept active somehow it shouldn’t do that.

Have you tried the different Windows Power Plans? I’ve seen people come up with CLI commands that help, but only on Linux.

+1 to this.
My laptop works 100% fine on Linux. But on Windows…
My laptop’s audio has pretty much flat out broken at this point, FW support aren’t being much help (pointing me to reinstall Windows, which I have already done, multiple times to try solving this issue).
Doing my own research into the matter lead me down a path to discover that the Tempo chip they’re using doesn’t actually advertise Windows support, which, would explain why the audio doesn’t work. The chip doesn’t support Windows, and FW made a big goof swapping to this chip.

Fingers crossed I can RMA this board and get a board with a Realtek chip. I’m at the end of my tether trying to deal with these non-stop issues from this chip.

Ask them to escalate your ticket for review. The beep is normal and there is no workaround for it, but non-functional audio should not be happening.

What is this Tempo chip 11 or 12 Gen

No problem on Windows 11 once the balanced and battery saver mode are disabled

It is a problem mostly with high grade headsets. My earbuds, no problem…my studio grade headset beeeeeping away it is.

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I have the Tempo chip and it all works fine with Windows 11.

I also use the Dell Docks audio and a Creative Labs USB Play4 dongle.

I don’t know why people would plug high end phones into any laptops headphone jack to be honest. Use a DAC dongle. But it does drive my Audio Technica MX-50s whatever fine, not deafeningly loud but fine.

The ony time the tempo chip affects audio and creates the beep is when directly connecting to the built in headphone jack. DAC’s, usb dongles, docked audio, etc are not affected.