Got my laptop today and have some question

So, as of today I am a framework laptop owner, but I seem to have this weird thing happening where the screen is not smooth, it almost reminds of not having a driver installed or maybe the refresh rate is low. Once I put the laptop together I download win 11 pro, then afterwards downloaded the drivers for 13th gen intel on the framework website. Maybe this is normal but I just used to a super smooth screen because I am someone who normally uses 144hz monitor and a macbook. And another thing I noticed is that the touchpad seems to makes like weird sound when I slightly touch it, almost like its hitting something and its doesn’t seem to be super responsive like it doesn’t always click. I also thought it would be faster when open brower tabs seeing that I have 64gb of ram and 4tb of storage. I was just wondering if what I am experiencing is normal?

am I supposed to download the intel graphics drivers?

So, I downloaded the lastest intel iris xe graphics driver but nothing seem to change, hopefully I downloaded the right thing and it didnt mess up the original download of the drivers. It seemed to have downloaded some intel and driver assistant manager and it wanted me to download something but everytime I tried it wouldnt work so I deleted it.

Welcome! The latest Intel iris graphics would be included in the latest drivers package in the framework knowledge base. The frameworks display does max out at 60 hz. What storage and memory did you choose?

For the ram I used what they gave me because I ordered it through their website, and for the ssd its the same one on the website but I got it from amazon because it was cheaper.

Have you contacted framework support? They are the best for odd behavior on new laptops.

No not yet, I thought it would be something easy to solve. But do you think when downloaded the drivers they were same as before? This is what I downloaded (

yes it would be the same, framework uses the drivers in their package and negates the need for intels graphic center. id recommend putting in a support ticket just in case this thread doesnt fix it. Its a great community but the support team is trained for niche problems and fixes. theyve helped me on multiple occasions

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Ok, thanks for the advice/help.

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Should I turn laptop off when done using it for the day or just close the lid? Because when charging it seems to be hot but when I open hwinfo64 it’s only at 47-50c which I think is normal. I maybe just paranoid because I use to a MacBook and they don’t usually ever get hot on the bottom and was just wondering if this was normal?

if its plugged in it might just be windows updates, windows tends to push out updates without asking when youre pluggen in and connected to wifi. if youre done for the day a full shut down is fine and prevents idle drain.

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