Stuck Pixel

So I’ve had the new 13gen I5 Framework for a few weeks (was in the first batch in May). I love the machine, but unfortunately a few days ago one stuck pixel has shown up on the display. I tired a few “stuck pixel” websites with no luck. I looked into the warranty and they don’t cover 1 pixel which is completely understandable, but I’m still kind of bummed out. Any recommendations on a fix short of buying a replacement? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Are you sure there is only one and not three :slight_smile:

Up to 2 bright/stuck sub-pixels
Up to 3 dark/dead sub-pixels

I’m surprised you could even see one odd pixel, unless of course the screen is black, and if that is the case and you find it annoying you could maybe use a magnifying glass and carefully put a small dot of grey nail varnish on it for example to dim it but not mack it black.

Hey thank you for the reply. I took a look with a magnifying glass and it looks like 3-4 stuck pixels. If they are that small that might be why its quite noticeable to me in a black terminal or watching a dark tv show (was watching the The Expanse when I first noticed it). I will open a ticket with support and see what they say. Thanks for the assist :slight_smile: