(Suggestion Needed) Random shutdown and freeze problem (Windows)

In my case, it sometimes happens two days once, three days once, or four days once.

I won’t be returning it, I’d rather just leave it on sleep = never when plugged in. I’ll work with Framework to see if they can find anything, maybe someone here has found the fix we just haven’t found it.

I’m also coming from a Mac and I can’t go back to MacOS now for work.

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Great, let’s keep each other updated.

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Just an FYI this happened to me with laptop up and running while I was actively using it. I shut it down in between uses and overnight.

When it shut off on me, I had it plugged in, and had been using it for approx. 30 minutes.

I don’t want to return either, I love the laptop, but I also am having issues with the USB-A port providing power but not connecting to my keyboard, and another time the screen shut off/went black but the comp did not shut down. Just really weird stuff that never happened to me in my years of X1 ownership.

I would lose $200 returning it (on memory and SSD) but like you said I need reliability and honestly while I wasn’t expecting great battery life, it’s just annoying that I always have to be plugged in.

Yeah, I am experiencing both: (1) freezing while I was actively using it. (2) shutdown while it was either sleeping or just locked by win + L.

Wondering if you all are part of a cluster of isolated issues.

Each of you should open up a support ticket with @FrameworkSupport, and refer the ticket to this thread. @TheTwistgibber might need to take a closer look?

There’s currently another thread regarding instant power loss as well…might be related.

@Jacob_Ma mentioned that in his case, it doesn’t seem like hibernation as all previously opened apps are lost. Jacob, what was Windows’ Event Viewer say, anything around kernel lost power?

Hi @seadub ,

We’re curious if you’ve previously submitted a support ticket for your current problem. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to do so.

We will be waiting for you in the support channel. Thanks

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While I appreciate being tagged into threads, I should not be used as a proxy for our existing Support team. Customers should always file Support tickets when experiencing issues as that is where our resourcing is focused. We’re under heavily load right now due to Batch 2 and Batch 3 shipments, so we kindly ask for your patience while we work through the queue. I have quite a bit on my plate right now as I’m responsible for multiple areas here at Framework and can chime in when I have cycles, but right now, I’m not the best resource to be pinging on one-off issues at the moment.

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Understood. Just wanted to tag you for awareness should things / any of the related tickets get bubble up to you.

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I opened a support ticket myself, just to catalog it.

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Sept 18, 2022 11PM, I closed the lid of the laptop (make laptop go to sleep) and put into my backpack, goes from library to home.
Around 3 hours later. When I open it, the laptop is completely shutdown, not hibernate.

Do you mean error 41?

Yeah. Looks like you’re experiencing the same symptom as others…Instant power loss.

You’ll really need to reach out to Framework Support for this.

Thanks for your comments. It is probably a hardware issue that needs to change the motherboard right?

I can’t say for sure, it could be a BIOS bug, loose battery connector, bad batch of batteries, MOSFET issue…etc. Only they’ll know what the course of action that will be applicable to your situation.

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@seadub Hi, did you check your event viewer before? Before the laptop lost power (usually with an event ID 41), did your laptop has lots of error?
The framework support found lots of errors before my lost power event, related to VPN software. And asked me to have a fresh reinstall of windows OS.
However, I personally do not think those errors will make the laptop lose power, because I indeed had a fresh install of Win 11 from a blank SSD at the very beginning. I did nothing wrong.

What is it in your case?

@Second_Coming Do you think the support’s suggestion is valid? Reinstalling took a lot of time for me. A big time investment.

Just wanted to throw my two cents in here, I also have a Windows 11 machine. I upgraded my MB to the 12th gen model and reused all my previous 11th gen parts.

I had a similar problem with the computer freezing and then shutting off, not shutting down just off.

After working with Framework support for a while it turns out the problem appears related to my DP expansion card. Whenever it was inserted, the computer would freeze and shutdown after about 3-5 hours.

As a simple test for everyone, if you have a DisplayPort card installed, remove it and see if the freezing continues. FYI, this may not correct the sleep mode issue I read some of you were having.

It was crazying me insane. I am getting a new DP card for testing.

At this point, I’m guessing FW support is just getting you through the hoops …to get the laptop onto a known happy path / baseline, with no/minimal deviation so they can troubleshoot this with the least amount of variation / unknown.

i.e. Not so much about ‘finding the root cause’, but more about ‘do it their way that they know will have a high success rate to get to a steady state’.

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I am using two HDMI expansion cards. Not sure if either of them causes the issue.
Yeah, it was crazying. I have to use external monitors to work.
And it is hard to replicate the issue in my case, sometimes takes 3 days …

The issue may be related to expansion cards in general, for me it was just the DP card. People may want to try a process of elimination by just starting with the USB-C needed for power and adding back cards to see if the problem returns. I would focus testing on any external display cards, DP and HDMI.

One thing I did note, when I did my testing I monitored Device Manager. Although my DP card would not immediately freeze my computer it would have trouble loading and appearing in Device Manager, connecting and disconnecting repeatedly. This may be a way to quickly diagnose a problematic card.

Thanks for your input. I will definitely test my expansion card to see if they cause problems.