Suggestions on carry bag or sleeve

Well damn, was going to buy this, but the manufacturer is unable to keep producing them.
Might have to go with this, but I was really hoping for a zipper, for extra peace of mind.
Might be able to fit in a Hyperlite Pod, which is what all my stuff goes in anyway, but was hoping for something a bit more form fitting.
Could always go custom I suppose.

I’d jump on the TomToc sleeve, which is available on Amazon in the US, but I wish the external pocket had a zipper. I’d like to keep my expansion cards in the external pocket, but I’m paranoid they might fall out since the pocket can’t be sealed.

Anyone have a similar sleeve w/ a zippered (or more secure) external pocket that they like?

I’ve been using the Tomtoc sleeve for just under a month now. Fits decently snug with about a cm of gap vertically and horizontally. I’ve not had any issues with it, I enjoy it but now I’m trying to find more sleek alternatives. I use a pouch for my earbuds, power cable and brick, expansion cards, and such. In the external pocket, I just stuff a hub just in case, wouldn’t recommend putting many things in there since it’s not the easiest to dig through stuff.


I live in Germany, and just bought laptop leather sleeve by Fa.Volmer, the 13.3 inch version. The Kancha laptop sleeve for Framework 13 is sold out, so I found this instead.

The outside pocket has a magnetic knob to lock it in place, and there’s a partition inside for a pen. I was a bit on the fence regarding buying the larger 15.6 version. But I was surprised it fits just nicely inside of the sleeve.


  • It fits inside, and I can put some small things around, like my phone, and usb cables or the likes.
  • There’s a handle outside, to carry it around.
  • The buffalo leather is quite nice, and the zipper also doesn’t scratch


  • The partition inside doesn’t fit the laptop, unless I purposefully cut the stitches inside to make the laptop part bigger, I guess.
  • The FW laptop still shifts around (I’d imagine laptops are supposed to fit inside of the partition, so it doesn’t move), if you’re to shake it…
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I received mine not long ago - and it’s excellent. Very soft, elegant design. If it lasts as long as it appears then it’s a great product. A real shame it’s not being made anymore, apparently.

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I bought a version of this from Amazon (though Amazon had it labeled Tomtoc 360) and it fits very nicely. Just enough play to be protective but not annoying to work with. It is a little bulky for some use cases (I have a very small Timbuk2 messenger bag and a second “work” laptop that has to share space) but nice all the same.

Just wanted to drop in and say that I am loving the Kushcase.
It wasn’t my first choice, but it was available, it fits great!

I also appreciate that they velcro’d their tag to the sleeve instead of pushing the plastic through the fabric like with most products.


What about bags/backpacks? I have the 13" laptop sleeve from razer that fits the FW well, but my stealth backpack is too small. I would like a good quality one, I was looking at LTT and Nomatic but those both seem bulky, heavy, and, well, expensive.

I am just a noob and got my Framework Laptop 13 AMD DIY just recently. But given the significant amount of posts in this thread, I think Framework might give a thought to have some contractor produce Framework-branded sleeve variants which perfectly fit their 13 and 16 inch laptops. It should not take too much management attention and the additional revenue would not hurt the business’ future either, I reckon.

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I’ve got one of the Samsonite leather backpacks that fits the FW13 like a glove, even if I put it in the cush case, and it’s pretty small considering what it can hold - plus it doesn’t look like a tech bag. They go on special fairly frequently too.

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…the FW’s spent time in Japan now, too. If I’ll really be banging things around, I slip the laptop into my Byrd&Belle felt sleeve, above.

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Checked the Byrd&Belle website, their sleeves look stylish yet sturdy. The sizes they sell refer to MacBook variants. Which size do you use for your FW13?

Not the cutest but fits well is the Dicota PerfectSkin Ultra Skin Pro I recently bought.

The variant 13-13.3" fits very well.

Here is the image from Amazon for those who don’t want to click:

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13-inch MacBook Air M2 (2022). Gray felt. Discontinued, but they have similar.

It’s a snug fit, but I don’t mind. Looks really nice and cushions well.

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