Suggestions on carry bag or sleeve

Does anyone have suggestions on a carry bag or sleeve that is the correct dimensions for the framework laptop?

I had naively assumed I’d be able to use another 14" laptop sleeve I had lying around, but it doesn’t fit due to the different aspect ratio.


I’m a fan of the Mos backpacks, they are designed with a spot for a power strip, so you can hook up all the devices you want to carry in your bag, and plug your bag in so you can charge them all at once. I have the spot for laptop already picked out, and the pocket has more than enough space.

Laptop space.

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The Framework laptop dimensions are:

15.85mm x 296.63mm x 228.98mm =
5/8 (.62) in x 11 43/64 (11.67) in. x 9 1/64 (9.01) in.

You want to look for laptop bags that fit the Microsoft Surface, HP Spectre X360, Lenovo Thinkpad X1, etc. They have 3:2 aspect screens.

tomtoc Laptop Shoulder Bag for 13.5 Inch New Microsoft Surface Laptop 4/3/2/1, Surface Book 3/2/1, 360 Protective Case Fit 13-inch Old MacBook Air/Pro, Acer Swift 3, Waterproof Accessory Sleeve


Is there any plans for a custom Framework Backpack/Techpack, Framework “Softwear?”

I was thinking of it being modular and expandable akin to the laptop.


  1. Convertible to/from Backpack and Messenger carry

  2. Prominent Framework Logo plastic/rubber

  3. Bag is silver with black interior with QR code label with part numbers for all the misc. pouches/parts

  4. Single/Dual laptop carry expansion

  5. Water resistant/proof

  6. Detachable plastic/rubber strip that holds the port expansion cards 6-8 with the QR code out while protection the USB C tip (think Chewbacca’s Bandolier) so you can keep them near you when using the laptop or snap them into the bag when traveling.

  7. Space for torx/spudger

  8. Pouch for power supply

  9. A sleeve that doubles as a disassembly mat

  10. Removable pouches of different sizes that click into place

  11. TSA ready to open and inspect

  12. Airline overhead/underfeet sized


@Keith_J_Brett Liking the look of the tomtoc bag, looks like it would fit the Framework with a decent balance of snugness/clearance (by the published dimensions an extra ~30mm width, 2mm length, 1mm height)

They also seem to have a corporate customization offering that might be of interest to the Framework folks ( custom your bag | tomtoc ) - @Poyu_Chen in particular as a designer might be of interest? Tomtoc also claims to use fully-recycled fabric, keeping with the Framework eco-ethos


@A_L Which particular bag are you looking at? I am probably going to need a new bag based on the advertised dimensions. I have not heard of tomtoc before but their stuff looks nice. I am having a problem seeing a bag that would be a reasonable fit. I’m not sure a 1mm buffer in height will be enough, particularly if the bag has rounded corners.

@njf Fair point, it does indeed have rounded corners, am hoping that there is enough give in the fabric to accommodate the laptop without too much pressure.

The model I’ve somewhat optimistically ordered is Versatile A42 For 14.2" MacBook Pro 2021 | 13" MacBook Pro/Air | Black (might have to select the 13-13.5" option in the dropdown). They claim “Maximum fit model size: 12.8 x 9.14 x 0.76 in” which I think is 325.1 x 232.1 x 17 mm but please check my math if you feel like it :slight_smile:

I’m using this case I came across on Etsy: Laptop Sleeve for Macbook Pro 13 Inches Organic Cotton | Etsy

When ordering I was worried it’d be too small due to the 3:2 aspect ratio but actually the proportions of the case are almost perfect. If anything I wish it was just a bit smaller for a snugger fit.

I haven’t used it extensively, but overall I think the aesthetics and build quality pairs nicely with the Framework and the pocket easily fits the charger and a few extra expansion cards.


The bag from Tomtoc arrived, almost perfectly snug in the shorter dimension, the expected extra 2-3cm in the longer dimension, and with the fuzzy lining accommodates the thickness well.

Principal concern is that there is no hard casing around the laptop compartment, and I am a little worried that the charger in the outer pocket is applying a little bit of force down on the laptop. Second issue is that the pouches are too thin for a normal-sized external mouse, although with how well the touchpad is working so far I might not actually need it. Overall decent enough to use for now but will keep my eye out for something with a hard case.

If anybody finds a hard shell bag (something like although that one is a little small, and does not have places for the charger or other accessories) that looks like it would serve, please drop a note!


I ordered the same one and mine arrived today as well. Pretty happy with the fit and it has plenty of room for power adapter and a few other accessories.

I have used the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 for years and love it.

No clue why they seem to have discontinued it (other than it is pricey and not a “gaming mouse”)… but hey, I’m not a gamer.

You can still find them on Amazon and other sites as Renewed Products. The battery is available for this mouse as a replacement part (yep, it can be done).

Major reasons I like it:

  1. Super Thin Fits in any bag.
  2. Ambidextrous design with software changeable Left / Right click
  3. Touch surface for gestures / scroll wheel
  4. Selector on the bottom for 2 different devices to connect to. I use this a LOT.

@Auryn_Macmillan Fully agree the fit is excellent, ought to have written more clearly about my worry which is that without a hard shell (which in fairness should have occurred to me from the description), if something sits on top of the bag there would be a concentration of force where the charger (or anything else in the pouches) happens to be. For reasonable people who don’t have a tendency to recklessly stack stuff, it is a very nice well-fitting option!

@ImaxinarDM The ultrathin mouse would definitely fit and be a great idea, I’m legitimately wondering if I’ll ever need an external mouse though with this trackpad! Might go for a simpler slim option though along the lines of

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I already own one, and yes the unit you listed is what I would use instead (only if I can’t find the ultrathin).

That mouse is the Pebble M350/M355 and is available in Off-White, Rose, Graphite, and Blue-Gray for the fashion minded folks.
It’s $24.99 from Logitech direct.

My issue with it is:

  1. it only does one Bluetooth connection, not two so I can’t switch it to another computer without pairing again. I just use the switch on the bottom for the 2 computers it’s paired to.

  2. it is full mechanical, without the gestures.

  3. it is thicker.

On the plus side, it uses a standard AA battery not a LiPo and the cover is held in place with magnets… Sound familiar :smile:

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I’ve long been a fan of Tom Bihn bags (their discontinued Smart Alec backpack has been a daily work and travel companion). I’m planning to get one of their updated cache cases for my Framework.

Nicely padded, though not overly bulky. Zips around 2 sides for horizontal or vertical use. Plus, they have built-in nylon web rails so that they can slide in and out of their bags, making airports slightly less awful to navigate (when do we get to do that again?).

The one I have for my (now replaced) XPS 13 doesn’t fit, naturally. Having reviewed the measurements table (and confirmed with a company rep), it looks like the 12B size is just right for the Framework. Unfortunately, they don’t have any in stock, and none are currently in production. The rep said that they expect to have some in 3-6 weeks.

Oh, and it’s an awesome company, making bags here in the US (Seattle), with some of the most friendly and helpful staff you’ll ever meet.


Same here, I love my Synapse 19! I thought about the Cache but wanted a bag with a pocket for the charger and other accessories so I could use it standalone.

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Yeah, the cache doesn’t provide that, of course. Would be nice if they made a slim standalone case with a few additional pockets. That one you found on Etsy looks nice.

So it isn’t possible to sign up for when they produce more of the 12Bs? I would love to buy one.

@2disbetter, unfortunately, it seems not. The rep just told me to check back in a few weeks. I’ll post back here when they’re available though.

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Watching this thread for Tom Bihn 12b availability too! I’ve had an Aeronaut for 15+ years, and I carry a Size 1 Handy Little Thing as a fanny pack/edc bag every day!

I got this Tomtoc case and it’s perfect: