Suggestions on carry bag or sleeve

I do have the FW charger it’s the US version so the kettle lead is pretty slim, users with other leads will need more space.

I’d say it’s on the snug side but seems fine, here are some pictures with the charge in the pocket.


Thank you so much!

Im most likely to also have a backpack or other bag to keep the charger for longer things but its really good to know it can work well enough with the charger as well so that’s my main worry settled thank you again

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Got my Framework 13. That tomtoc bag looks great but unfortunately it’s over $100 in Australia.

Do any Australians have any preferred brands or stores?

Edit: weird, searched again and got a slightly different model of bag (no split front pocket?) for $47.

Can anyone confirm which “variant” fits the Framework 13?


@voltagex I got this from straight from the tomtoc website for $28 USD and it fits well, though a little bit loosely as others have mentioned.

If you don’t have the 10% off code, use this one that I got today (expires November 16, 2023):


I missed your post–so sorry! Mine fits with a padded sleeve, but snugly. I prefer ease-of-access when I’m flying, so I skip the sleeve.

@Richard_Tango-Lowy all good.

I ended up getting a Timbuk2 size small (S) messenger bag. It’s an appropriate size for the FW13 in a sleeve, plus some/all of: spiral notebook, bag o’ cables, bike repair kit, warm shirt, Roost stand, external keyboard + mouse, water bottle. It’s claimed 11 liters. Timbuk2’s larger bags go to 16 (medium) and 22 (large) liters, which the FW13 doesn’t need.

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Looks really nice. How has the Kancha sleeve worked out for you? Is there anything under the wool side of the sleeve - padding or the like? How well does the sleeve protect the laptop’s corners? Any photos you might have would be great. Many thanks.

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All I can tell is that I use the sleeve daily inside a cycling messenger bag and I don’t regret my choice. Although there is no additional edge protection or sewn-in cloth layer my Framework still looks pristine.

Out of the box I recognized some small loose wool filaments inside the packaging. So I decided to vacuum it thoroughly before first use. I didn’t find any of those while cleaning the laptop afterwards so I presume this was some kind of production residue.

The surrounding stitches are about .5 cm away from the edges which - together with the leather back - can prevent some smaller outer impacts. But buying this you shouldn’t expect any protection comparable to a hard case of course. It keeps dust & moisture away and reduces the chance to scratch the Framework’s surface.

Besides functional aspects it is very well crafted and as you already stated looks really nice.


Looks terrific after a year’s use. I’m in no way expecting a hard shell’s protection, but this sleeve will protect the laptop from life’s daily bumps and spills, which in my experience are the ones that really add up. Do you ever use the leather slide pocket on the backside? And has the wool stretched at all to your eye? Sorry for all the questions, but it is a premium-priced product - I’d hope this product would last for decades with appropriate use.

Thanks but unfortunately they don’t seem to ship outside of the US.

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I was also going to suggest the Tomtoc…it fits perfectly

I don’t know where you are located but I was able to find TomToc in France on various online shops

I rarely use the pocket on the back cause I usually carry a slim organizer for my loose paperwork. The pocket is quite narrow and takes only a few sheets of paper. I definitely wouldn’t squeeze a newspaper in there. The one shown in Kancha’s product pictures seems to have “lost” a few chapters to fit.

The wool has taken on the Framework’s shape a little. So it stretched somehow but it doesn’t show any further signs of thinning or wearing out.
The leather parts are also durable. The punch holes left and right of the opening thereby are a clever design solution. They prevent the leather from bending too much while the laptop is moved in and out. At the beginning I thought this could produce cracks and put some beeswax around the edges to keep them supple (which generally is a good idea to protect high quality leather). But treating it carefully you’ll at max see some little wrinkles there.


I just ordered one of these. What sold me was the use of leather and wool. Both very durable materials. But I also REALLY liked that they had a model specifically for the Framework 13.

I’ll let everyone know how it goes when it arrives.


Anyone have any leads on a sleeve that has a lining that’s not microfiber, fleece or wool? I’d prefer something like a polyester lining.

The CushCase has a fleece - usually a polyester - lining, discussed upthread: Suggestions on carry bag or sleeve - #114 by John_Grow


FYI Kancha’s got a 50% final sale going on right now. Their laptop sleeve is usually $119 (CAD) but is now $60 (CAD). Good value, one might say.


I couldn’t resist. I just bought the last one on their website but there’s still a bunch on Etsy.

I’ve been having a hard time finding something nice. Coming from a MacBook, I’m used to having a ton of nice cases to choose from that all look super premium.

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Does the edge of the laptop stick out at the top like that, or did you pull it out slightly to show that the laptop was inside?

Yep, I pulled it out a little for the first picture. It closes completely as shown in the second one.