Suggestions on carry bag or sleeve

I suspect that’s because your image files are too big. The message composer is a bit coy about saying why it’s rejecting your upload. It rejected several attempts of mine when I was attaching the pictures above. It seems like the file size limit is ~1MB.


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Convert to jpeg or downsize, maybe? I’m interested in the comparison. I got a Tom Bihn 12B and it is too small for me so I returned it.

They are JPEG. Not sure what was going on here, it doesn’t happen anymore and I have uploaded the photos.

Huh, odd. They do look nice though! Which one do you think would work better for most? The Tomtoc seems like it would be

i think it’s a matter of personal preference. the Timbuk2 will work well if you want to carry it around on its own, and it’s thinner. the TomToc is better sealed and feels a little more padded, so i prefer it…

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When I have to use a smaller bag to carry my stuff, I use this fairly generic mesh cushion case from when I used to have a 12" MacBook:

My go-to, though, is DIY:

It cost roughly USD$20-30 of materials from the likes of Fabricland (bulk cloth, fabric and sewing supplies), Michael’s (art and craft supplies), and a shop called OOMOMO (home lifestyle goods) during the pandemic, then sewn by hand with a mix of cotton thread, polyester thread, and fishing wire :joy:. Cushioning material is the sort of cut-to-size polyurethane lining one would use for shelves. Jump rings at the flap are for attaching an aftermarket shoulder strap. Not water resistant.

The whole sleeve barely fits within a backpack that can normally accommodate 16"-18" laptops, not a big deal as the sides and corners can be squished in.


Does the TomToc have room enough in that side picket for the A/C charger, maybe with a little extra space? I have a little external SSD and a small USP pouch I’d also want to carry with it.

sure, yeah, the Framework A/C charger fits there plenty. You will probably be able to fit a small SSD there. I’m not sure what a USP pouch is, so I can’t comment on that.

A small little zipper pouch with little sleeves inside for USB sticks, like this one

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My side pocket carries the Framework PS, an after-market USB3 cable, an AU power cable (significant only because the wall-end plug is bulkier than its US equivalent), a slim mouse and a zip-lock bag that holds USB sticks, Framework Ethernet card and an LTE dongle.

Too much information I’m sure. :roll_eyes:


This specific one seems a little bulky but it might work.

Well, because of this thread I am joining the timbuk2 utility laptop sleeve camp. I wanted the thinnest+smallest possible backpack to be able to take my laptop and charger with me on the subway without having to take my backpack off. Thanks for all the photos and suggestions!

One thing to note, when you add the backpack to your cart it says “final sale” which idk if that means its on clearance / will be going out of production or if it just means “all sales on discount items are final”.


It looks bigger than it is, it squishes down probably the same size as an external SSD. Honestly the one I have I’s be surprised if I couldn’t jam it almost anywhere, although it might get a little bulky if I throw a couple expansion cards in the little pouch, which is the plan. Guess we’ll have to see. If the TomToc doesn’t seem to have a lot of room for the FW13 to slide around or jiggle much, I think I’ll go for it.

I went for it. I will update tomorrow how it fits, if it fits with the charger / accessories in the side pocket, etc. It came out to only a bit more than $25 on Amazon with next-day delivery as well.

This is slightly off topic but adding for reference, I’ve since gotten a second Feuerwear Gordon messenger bag in the smaller size (15L) and prefer it for general use. The laptop compartment is pretty minimal fabric and only has enough space to comfortably accommodate the Framework 13 itself, while I haven’t had any issues doing so, if you want to store your Framework 13 in a separate sleeve for some added protection, the larger Gordon 18L is likely preferable for the added space.

Photos for reference with the laptop by itself in the 15L (neon yellow), and with the shell mentioned in my earlier post in the 18L (red)

Only complaints I’ve had about the bags is while building a product line out of recycled fire hose is cool and quite durable, fire hose is heavy, which is why I prefer the smaller bag.


Here’s my update with the TomToc sleeve:

Here is everything I plan to insert into the sleeve, for reference (and @anarcat the little pouch on the left is the USB pouch. It’s rather small but just big enough to toss the FW screwdriver in as well. Hopefully soon I’ll fit in a couple more expansion cards tossed in!). The SSD case is a little tall, so in practice I may go without and toss it in the side pocket loose, which seems fine enough.

The TomToc sleeve has a rather nice soft and protective inside, feels extremely well made.

With the laptop snugly inside and the side pouch holding my external SSD and my little USB pouch, it doesn’t bulge too much. If I include my SSD’s little protective case, it fits, though a bit tight. I’ll likely go without the case if I need to take it. Here it is without the SSD case:

With the case included, you can see the side pocket bulging a tad from it. It isn’t forced in there, but snug. It does fit the FW power supply without issue (less bulged than this, the FW power brick is shorter than the SSD case):

As far as the sleeve goes, it fits the Framework 13 very well, with very little room to wiggle around in any direction, but is still comfortably sized to not be a struggle or need to jam it in. It slides in and out easily and seems perfectly sized internally:

I’m rather happy with it. The corners are built up a little more internally so as to protect the device from drops, which is great, and the sleeve itself with the laptop inside is small enough to fit in a backpack’s laptop pocket easily, like in this SpaceX backpack, though snugly:


Yeah, the 12B was that size. The internal dimensions were perfect, but the corners are curved obviously, so it didn’t accept the laptop inside whatsoever. I had to return it. The TomToc that I got seems to be significantly better protectively and made significantly higher quality as well. And it’s around half the price.

I really like the look of that one as a little carry bag, or this one as a full standalone messenger. If you still have it, mind sharing some pics? The dimension choices on Amazon aren’t the same as the one I got, so I’m not quite sure which would fit best.

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Kind of hard comparing the two. The Tomtoc is intended as a stand alone item, the Cache is meant to be paired with a number of different laptop bags/travel bags/day bags/backpacks and sits in what amounts to a suspension system in the bag it is paired with. So when comparing the two yes the Tomtoc is likely “tougher” made of a material intended for external use versus internal use. Actual quality i.e. workmanship I highly doubt it.

That’s fair, though I’d still want a little more protection from the little sleeve. But the Tomtoc does seem to be designed without a handle or satchel strap for being put into a backpack. Either way, whatever keeps your FW clean!

Hi i am looking to purchase a framework laptop case, i cannot find a page for a recommended case for framework laptop 13. I was looking on amazon for 13.5" laptop cases, but not sure if they will fit. I wish framework had a page for recommended cases or sold a case themselves as i cannot find any 3rd party that specifies fit for framework.

You could try going by dimensions: the 13” is 11.75” by 9”. Any laptop sleeve bigger than that will fit it.