Suggestions on carry bag or sleeve

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Look here for some suggestions.

Nex time please use the search function.

One other dimension to consider (but rarely seen in product details) is the radius of the corners.

I broke out a protractor, it looks to be 6mm.


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I’ve found a nice sleeve that fits (listed above) from TomToc on Amazon, and others are finding cases fitting for the Microsoft Surface Pro I believe since it’s also a 3:2 screen. Are you looking for something form fitting and sleek? What do you need in a case?

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Great info! Thanks for measuring that! I’m sure someone will find that useful, especially those guys that want to inlay their FW into a desk…

Framework on the move.

11th Gen Batch 5 laptop’s been to Central and South America, the Caribbean, and the Indies. I needed a bag that could survive the jungle and still look good in the city. I pack light: backpack travels in overhead, bag stays with me.

Arrived in Paris last night and will be around France for the next week. This trip I’ve been testing out my new (have to prepare myself to write the name) NutSac Satchel 13. Hate the name, love the bag.

Waxed canvas and full-grain leather with obvious attention to detail. Guaranteed for life and I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t last at least that long. Stitching, zippers, everything is top-notch.

Inside is a zippered back pocket which I use for travel and event papers. My “world traveler” Framework 13 sits in the main compartment, leaving room for a book, noise cancelling headphones, snacks, and a small water bottle. Two pouches sewn in the compartment front hold my wallet/travel notebook and an inflatable travel pillow. Outside on the front there’s a zippered pouch for my harp (harmonica, G or A, if you care), tiny flashlight, tissues, and pen. The whole bag zips shut and is securely covered by a flap with a magnetic and snap closure. The shoulder strap was comfortable through three airports and several hours of putzing Paris chocolate shops.

There’s not a lot of cushion on the bottom, so it would be a good idea to put the laptop in a sleeve. I don’t put my bag down much, so I haven’t bothered. Darned nice bag.


Got the Tom Toc 13.5 sleeve today, very happy with it.
Fit is just a bit larger which is fine by me, well protected corners was my main criteria. The Framework 13 case is NOT the same as a Thinkpad that I could just toss around without worry. One of its corners is already somewhat damaged so didn’t want to risk any other bag-drop with it.
Fits nicely in my daily bag along with other stuff.


I did the same (see Suggestions on carry bag or sleeve - #132 by anarcat). Two months later, still very satisfied. I can cram the expansion cards in the pocket and it becomes a little bulky, if I would be looking around again, I’d probably try to find a much thinner sleeve that would still be waterproof but not shock-proof, as that’s less a priority for me.

But I’m very happy with the Tom Toc. I got the blank/orange one and it’s gorgeous too.

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Finally got my 13th Gen In Germany your choices were a little limited because of shipping issues on etsy. i went for;

there is a little room on the left/right. However there is sufficient protection from the zipper.

i am quite happy with it.

I bought a Toiletry Bag at Muji and it fits my Powersupply, Cables and the Ethernet Module.

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Following @John_Grow’s suggestion upthread, I bought a CushCase. They appear to be the only company marketing a Framework-specific sleeve.

I ordered this one, “Pioneer Canvas” in the “Breen” color. £34.98 GBP (about $44.50 USD?) including shipping to the USA. It arrived 13 days later.

Great colors. I like the rumpled look of the “Pioneer Canvas”, but maybe get the black one (“Everyday Canvas”) if you don’t.

Sure enough, the fit is Framework-specific. :slightly_smiling_face: You could slide a thin notebook in there alongside the laptop, but nothing thicker (like a power supply). It’s just made to protect the laptop inside a larger bag, with your cables and adapters in a different pocket.

The case has a foam mid-layer everywhere except the flap. So, drop protection feels adequate opposite the flap, but it’s not as good through the flap. I’ll carry it vertically in a backpack that I’m unlikely to drop upside-down, so it’s not an issue for me. If you’re carrying it horizontally (i.e. in a messenger bag), it might still be okay. :person_shrugging:


If someone doesn´t find a proper one (like me), try to make it by yourselve.

It´s handmade, with leather.

It´s not perfect because i´m not an professional but im happy with the result.



Nice work on this bag.

I purchased The laptop fit perfectly and there is enough space in the front for power, mouse and modules. Only thing I’m missing is a pen/pencil holder.

Such a gorgeous sleeve! Thank you for showing it!

I just bought this for 13” Framework:
RLINK 13.3” laptop case.

I’m looking at the Satchel 13 or Satchel 15 as well. @Richard_Tango-Lowy do you think the Satchel 13 would fit the FW13 in a padded sleeve, or would the fit be tight?

It fits fine in the Satchel 13 with my Byrd&Belle felt sleeve, which is itself a little snug. All three are off with me for Tokyo on Monday.

I like the Satchel 13 even more now that it’s made a few trips with me. The color has turned deeper (and prettier) green over time, as they said it would.

I got the tomtoc Defender-A13 Laptop Sleeve for 13.5-inch Microsoft Surface Laptop from the tomtoc website (cheaper than amazon and free delivery)

Seems pretty good, fits nicely and looks like it’ll give decent protection. You can tell the corners are reinforced and the padding is pretty thick.


Been looking at getting that model as well but it’s not quite clear how well a charger would fit in the front pocket; have you tried putting the FW charger in there (if you have it) and/or a phone style charger ?