Tech reviews by professionals

Thanks for the reminder. Always good to hear.

So… It’s the new age “fidget toy” :grin:

It is so cool to be able to get into it.

Twiddle twiddle…

One note that even though it is meant for repair the screws can still strip, hopefully as they are torx not Phillips they will be a bit stronger or framework has used better screws.

Almost all of them are Torx, and the tool includes both the proper sizes of Torx & Phillips held in with a magnet.

As to stripping, threads can always do that if one is not careful. However head damage is another thing entirely and Torx helps prevent that.

We are getting off topic here, back to the program in progress: Reviews

Unboxings while drinking beer should be more commonplace.

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Louis Rossmann - First look: Framework laptop from Right to Repair supporting manufacturer

I need to count the number of times he says ‘cool’.

Erika: “I have to say as an Apple user, that is a really sexy looking laptop”.


Just came across this review on the YouTube’s. Another positive review for the Framework Team!


Another update from LTT.


Can cool exciting reviews etc just stop till I can order one please?

(Or continue. But I really need a new laptop)


Since he ordered while he filmed the video review he by definition beat the huge spike in orders caused by his video.


Same. I was interested, especially once Louis Rossman posted his update on Jul 23, but it wasn’t until I saw Linus’ hands-on review that I jumped in. As much as I respect what Framework is doing, I still couldn’t commit until I saw some reviews. I ordered on Jul 29.


Another review found on the YouTube’s.


You sexy little teaser you…

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All these very enthusiastic and positive reviews are making the wait for international order so much harder.

Which is a good thing.

And an annoying thing.

I know, right? Isn’t it interesting how, because I’m so familiar with the inner workings, the reviews that don’t “quite” get it right are just a little annoying?

I’m trying to think if this happens to me with Dell reviews. The only ones I can think of are LTTs (I watch because it’s LTT, not because they’re looking specifically at a Dell). I can’t recall that reaction - but then they’re so good at it, even when they go inside, that I’m not surprised.

Nope. Doesn’t seem to bother me with those. I think it has more to do with how I feel about the machine - already in love with my FW Laptop and I won’t even see it for another week! :grin:

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The touchpad “seaweed cable”* getting all twisted makes me cringe. :grimacing:

* (h/t @highwaycat for this terminology; it’s the perfect name for these cables.)

I just call em like I see em! Cause I don’t know what else they’re called. :flushed: :sweat_smile:


Absolutely. You should check out Craft Computing on YouTube. He releases multiple videos a week and tries a different beer at the end of each one, some of them sent in by viewers. Not a big beer drinker myself, but I love his videos!


Jason_Hottelet or people on the thread, I think this thread is initially used to manage the “first reviews”. However I see that now it is used to post the general tech reviews by professional reviewers beyond the “first reviews”. So, I would like to suggest to change this thread’s title to “Professional tech reviews” or “Tech reviews by professionals” to distinguish it from other review threads Community reviews and Business reviews about Framework . I can change the title by myself if you like, as I (a heavy user of the forum) was given the right by the forum system. What do you think?

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