Tech reviews by professionals

As some of you may have noticed, the first “real” reviews by major tech news sites are online. The Verge, Engadget and many more. Just google and read them all like a sane person (me) does right now!


Here’s a good list of reviews.

The main problems seem to be poor battery, poor touchpad, somewhat flimsy body and it runs hot. I’m confident that two of those will be improved with firmware updates.

On the other hand, good keyboard, good camera, no bloatware and of course, modularity.


Which two do you think will be improved? All issues apart from the body should be software-enhancable or am i mistaken on the touchpad? Also I really wonder what some of the reviewers compared it to when they said it wasn’t great or felt cheap. My Macbook Pro 2015 has a great touchpad in my opinion, but I don’t know how much better a recent laptop of that price category would be in that regard. If the one on the framework is as good as the one I have now, I’d be happy with it.

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Yes, the first reviews are live! Here’s a list of some of them:


Almost all of them rightfully point out that the value of this laptop will heavily depend on the survival of the company behind it. Are you optimistic about Frameworks funding for the next two years? I suppose that’s the time it takes until the next larger revenue stream comes in from upgrades/repairs/a new model. It would be really cool to see you guys disrupt the market!


Yep, we’re feeling confident on the longevity of the company. We actually have some new modules in development already, like the Ethernet Expansion Card that we mentioned in some forum threads and additional bezels and keyboards that we’ve shown some photos of. We also have some things in development already that are not ready to share :slight_smile:


@Jason_Hottelet I expect battery life and cpu temps (along with performance) to improve in the future. I’m not an expert on the topic but it seems to me that the initial firmware from a new company would not yet be fully optimized. I’m surprised none of the reviews mentioned that.


The talk of the flimsy chassis is a little bit worrying, and it doesn’t help that the Engadget review showcases some unflattering warping between the base and the C-panel, most likely the result of improperly reassembling it. (1), (2), (3)


I noticed the same thing @feesh and was VERY annoyed that the article flatly ignored it. They complained that it was flimsy but didn’t explain the bulge, and yet that photo was displayed TWICE in the article. Almost like they are getting paid to unflatter the thing.

See, I understand that thin and modular means there needs to be compromises. I am not rough with my equipment on purpose, and I don’t expect this will be any problem for me.

I am a little curious about the trackpad quality. I was under the impression it would be a glass pad?

Not worried either way, because it seems like Framework is delivering. I can’t wait to get mine and be a long time customer.

Kudos to Framework. May you live long and prosper!!


I am willing to live with a less stable chassis in favour of modularity and affordability, I am afraid this is a necessary tradeoff. The chassis could have been a bit more macbookesque towards the bottom of it for my liking in order to accomodate a bit more battery and make it “bite” less on the belly when one lays in bed, but that’s not much of a nuisance to me either. I do hope for some clarifications on the touchpad though, just as @2disbetter. A subpar one would probably bug me, but then again I do not know how spoiled I am with my 2015 macbook touchpad. Maybe someone who experienced both can help me out there soon.


Ultimately accuracy is the most important part to the touchpad. Quality of finish and materials are secondary to this.

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@feesh you are correct. It looks like there was some improper reassembly on the Engadget unit when swapping the Input Cover, or the replacement cover was damaged in transit (we shipped it internationally without the final packaging). We’re reaching out to figure out what happened there. That would certainly explain the comment around a dividing line being visible, which is definitely not expected.


All I can say is I am so excited with the glut of info to check out!

Probably not the best idea to do at work, but it gathered a crowd of ten techies and the entire repair team that’s in today around the computer we were watching it on and the excitement was palpable.

Better get ready for some more batches!


I found a few other reviews on Youtube by searching for ‘framework laptop’. Clearly some of them did not read instructions very well - eg PCWorld pulling the expansion cards out very firmly without pressing the catches holding them in :crazy_face:.


I am very much keeping my fingers crossed for the longevity of Framework. I think it important for their success that potential customers have confidence that replacement parts, like the battery, and upgraded parts will be available when needed. I am hoping that this just might be the right time for such a company with so many people suddenly becoming aware of the reality of climate change - floods in Europe and China and heatwaves in Canada and the US - and right to repair coming more into the mainstream news.



I have a important question, for me:
Do you will send out some review samples to YouTubers, I woud love to here what they say. I don’t really read normal American press (as someone from the EU). And how we can see here they do make also some mistakes here and there.


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Louis Rossmann’s update!. His seal of approval!


Additionally, there’s a commenter saying that Linus Tech Tips has a video up on it on their Floatplane early-access site, so it should be uploaded to Youtube for everyone in a few days!


I may have gotten float plane just to watch the ltt video and spoiler


it’s very positive


I am somehow both thankful and mad at you for this