Testing without re-screwing midplate?

Can I turn on the laptop and expect anything to happen, even if just the BIOS display if I haven’t re-screwed the midplate, so not having the keyboard installed?
I could have an external keyboard attached.
It would be so much work undoing the screws again if there were RAM or SSD problems.

I think it’s possible. I recall seeing some sort of option in the BIOS.

I think it’s one of these options. I haven’t tried them but given the wording I think at least the first one should work or the second should disable everything.

Thank you for this. I’m afraid I can’t see any of the graphical images though. THe only thing I can read here is the text using synthetic speech.

I did precisely what you are asking for some of the same reasons. These were my steps as best as I can recall.

With the mid-plate removed, install 1 stick of RAM (assuming you have a 2 stick kit). I used Channel 0, which is the leftmost SODIMM slot.

With the mid-plate still removed, I plugged in the charger and started the laptop. I only needed to wait a few seconds for memory training to complete.

After training is done, the laptop will stop with an error message. IIRC it was a warning about the “missing” input modules. The content didn’t matter just that it tried to POST, thus indicating a good stick of RAM.

Press and hold the power button to power down the laptop. Remove the first stick of RAM. Insert the second stick, again in Channel 0. Start the laptop, and wait for the error message once more.

Congrats you now have two sticks of known working RAM.

Power down the laptop again. Install the first stick in Channel 1 (the right hand slot).

Install your SSD. Start the laptop once more. You could check that the SSD is recognized in the BIOS. Alternatively if the machine is allowed to boot, it should stop with an error about a missing operating system.

Power down again. Reinstall the midplate. And install your operating system of choice.

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Hi @David_Mellor,

He is highlighting two options in the BIOS. They are under advanced, then the 5th option from the top is: Standalone Operation with the option of Disabled (default) or Enabled. The 6th option from the top just below this is: Standalone Detection with the option of Enabled (default) or Disabled.

For your purpose I believe you want to set Standalone Operation to Enabled and Standalone Detection to Disabled.

This should enable you to boot with the midplate and input modules not fully installed.