The "best" mod for your trackpad

Although I have only had my framework laptop for a few days I have to say I am truly loving it. The biggest issue I have had so far is the click mechanism on the touchpad. Although the tracking is great, the click has been terrible for me, and I put it upon myself to fix this.
The solution? a small paper shim
I simply put a piece of paper under the trackpad bracket (image from the touchpad replacement guide), and its much better. Hopefully there’s a real fix for this in the marketplace later, maybe with a thicker or pre shimmed trackpad bracket, but what i have works for me for now.

Could you elaborate what the issue actually is and what this shim is fixing? e.g. do clicks not register, does the cursor not stay put when clicking, etc.

In particular, I cannot tell if your issue similar to one that another person had where they put tape over the bottom part of the touchpad to basically create their own improvised version of physical mouse buttons below a finger-tracking area.

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for me, its just improving the tactile feel of the trackpad, and the ease of a click and drag.

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So are you saying that your paper shim reduces the amount of force needed for a click to be registered, aka clicking is more sensitive?