The Keyboard

Like vesicant, Roman and etc, I’m still kinda stuck with a laptop that is starting to show it’s age. In my case it’s a Lenovo Yoga 3 1470 from 2015.

So a 75% layout definitely has a demand.

Rupert_Woods had a nice idea for the FN key.
I don’t know how reliable the FN toggle is on the controllers used by framework, but I do know that it bugged the hell out of me when I was given a HP for work and that damn FN toggle would always reset to the “useless” media-keys mode on each and every reboot. (And this is across multiple different units, 6 of them. There is a way to toggle this through software but half the time that doesn’t work on HP in my experience)

In a perfect world, we could have both of these options, but the 75% is probably more useful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The Swiss version is a bit weird as the lettering for the mutated vowels only shows the lowercase variants, twice. It would be nicer if it actually showed lowercase & uppercase mutated vowels:
Current version (Request: Review of Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Swiss, Slovenian, Thai, Hungarian, and Danish keyboards - #5 by nrp)
èè üü éé öö àà ää

Should be:
èÈ üÜ éÉ öÖ àÀ äÄ

So I’m debating wether picking up a Framework 13 or 16, but still won’t buy until I see the Spanish keyboards available.

When will that happen? Been following the forums and marketplace for a couple months and there hasn’t been a single update on dates.

I think it’s safe to say Spanish keyboards won’t be available until they open orders for Spain, which they said would happen in summer. I guess, when they are done fulfilling orders from everywhere else.

Why the heck did you decide to use that tiny arrow key scenario for the 16 inch?

Is there any benefit to it, since I feel just offended by it.

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The Swiss version is a bit weird as the lettering for the mutated vowels only shows the lowercase variants, twice.

Because the Swiss version is in fact two: the Swiss-German and the Swiss-French versions! They differ only in the three umlaut/accent keys to the right. When you press them in the Swiss-German version, you get the umlauts and in the Swiss-French version the accents. Shifted it is the other way round. So, if I want to write “ä” I either just hit the key or hit it with Shift, depending which Swiss version I am using. This is because often people need to write both French and German and it is easy to write both languages in the Swiss keyboard. However the Swiss didn’t want to give a preference to German, so they made it optional which language has the preference. Hence two versions:

Swiss-French: à é è shifted ä ö ü
Swiss-German: ä ö ü shifted à é è

The keyboard labels are same for both versions. You are supposed to just ignore two of the four labels.


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Has anyone purchased a “stealth” unmarked keyboard and then stuck on custom stickers? How has the experience been, do the stickers last, have you found the correct sizes for the keyboard?


  • for one: This. #30 by Brad_J
    A Nav keys colunm to the right could reduce finger travel quite some, i assume. Anyway, i’d like that layout.
  • For another, slightly indented key tops and slanted sides, somewhat like this “/ˋ–ˊ\”; the keys themselves appear to be high enough for that shape.
    This, i presume, would make a much more traditional-keyboard-like experience.
    Full disclosure: i’m a Thinkpad fan and type this on a X220.

    best regards, WL

I’ve been repeatedly frustrated by the lack of a context menu button (i.e. right click button) on the keyboard. (The 2 other laptops and 1 wired keyboard on my desk right now all have it. Two have it between right Ctrl and Alt, and 1 has it as Fn+rightCtrl (annoying, but better than none at all).)

You should be able to remap a key to act as a context menu key. Or use a nearby shortcut, like Ctrl+/. I’ve done this to several keys, like the useless capslock.

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Do you know of a way to implement that as your specific suggestion (rightCtrl+/)? Apparently neither MS PowerToys’ Keyboard Manager nor SharpKeys can do it. [EDIT: I was wrong, PowerToys can; details below.]

I only know how to do it in Linux. I still have Windows as a dual boot option, but I never use it, so I never bothered to set up remapping or hot key.
I would think Windows built-in settings should be able to do it. Listed as keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys.

Well they “should” do it, but it seems they don’t. Consider the fact that single-key mapping is included in PowerToys, and SharpKeys explins why they don’t/can’t map from a key combo.

If (better) key mapping was already included in some Windows settings GUI, I don’t think it would also be implemented (worse) in those two programs.

I’d be happy to be proven wrong, though. [EDIT: I was wrong. Details below.]

Wow, hotkeys / shortcuts seem like such a basic feature.

What about the powertoys shortcuts remapping option I read about here?
Does that only work for already existing shortcuts, doesn’t allow creating new shortcuts like Ctrl+/?

I was going to check in a virtual machine but looks like I don’t have a win11 one on hand.

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Keyboard Manager works.




Thank you both for the correction. That does work!

I had only tried “Remap a key” in PowerToys. I had misread the “Remap a shortcut” option, thinking it was only app-specific, not realizing that “all apps” is an option.


“I’ve been repeatedly frustrated by the lack of a context menu button (i.e. right click button) on the keyboard.”

Of course, with a trackpoint and 3 slim buttons above the trackpad, you’ve got a built-in right-click mechanism without having to program keys and without having to take fingers off the keyboard.

(Yes, a shameless plug for trackpoint + buttons :slightly_smiling_face:)


I have, besides the Framework, a Thinkpad X1 Carbon. I never use the eraser-button mouse but I absolutely do use the physical click buttons just above the touchpad.

Until there’s a way to have this feature on the Framework, I’ll only travel with the Thinkpad.

Since it doesn’t look like Framework is interested in offering this, I hope a third-party developer will.


Any ETA for the Portuguese keyboard?