The Last Laptop you'll ever buy?

I’ve just ordered my Framework Laptop and I thought just struck me, this may be the last laptop I ever buy. Consider it like the ship of Theseus (or Triggers broom) one way or another I may never buy a new complete laptop again … what a thought (fingers crossed).


To be honest, the Framework laptop was the one laptop that stopped me from just swapping to an iPad Pro…so it probably will be the last laptop I buy, because I’ll keep it going as long as I can! Hopefully with some upgrades over time :slightly_smiling_face:

I had pretty much got to the point where the only thing keeping me on PC was the small amount of time I play games each week and my desire to get back into 3D Modelling and maybe 3D Printing some time. For everything else, I can just use my work laptop or an iPad would have done fine - and with Steam Deck coming, games would have been covered too.

It is the Framework laptop that reignited my interest in PCs by proving that they could be modular again and that one chassis could last not just beyond the first broken component, but beyond a few CPU generations! So much more eco friendly, so much more fun to own, and so much more versatile :slightly_smiling_face:


I wish that were true but form factor changes and components will eventually kill the body although in that time we will probably have gone through hopefully serveral generations of hardware so hopefully saving a bunch of energy in the prodcution processes. Although whatbwill probably happen is when the body needs replacement someone will come up with a cool project so its not wasted ;).

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I just want mainly to be able to remove the battery after three years.

I am dangerously close to 40 years of age, but I would be surprised if this Framework ended up being the last laptop I will ever buy. The era of Windows 11 is 2022-2032, so I would expect the laptop to last at least a decade.

I dumped Windows 10 two years ago in favor of Linux Mint and I don’t miss it. (FYI: I’m in my forties)

What makes you think Window 11 will last until 2032? Window 10 was supposed to be the ‘last’ Windows.

Did you know in Window 11 they are even thinking of putting adverts into the File explorer.


I agree, I had to play the Ebay battery lottery last year to get a new one for my current Laptop, 9 months later the ‘new’ battery has started to bulge like the old one. Can’t wait for my Framework to arrive.

Hopefully genuine manufacture NEW batteries are a spare they will continue to make for a long time.

While working as a network administrator in a corporate enterprise Information Technology department, I was surprised to learn that Windows XP was still supported. I then learned that the product support lifecycle for Windows was actually a decade.

So XP was from 2003-2013. Windows 7 was 2009-2019, and Windows 10 is 2015-2025. therefore it logically flows that Windows 11, is the next cycle from 2022-2032. What I don’t know is whether Microsoft will release a Windows 12 around 2028…

I’m using Linux on my Framework, but after using it as a cutting edge Linux platform I may load Windows 11 on it towards the end of its lifecycle to benefit from the longer term support. I’m sensing a shift from Linux as a used PC platform to Linux as a more cutting edge platform than Windows itself. AMD’s open source drivers may be the primary game changer.

Microsoft may be shifting out of supporting operating systems to being a cloud service provider. Microsoft Office seems to have finally made that switch. I think Microsoft Office 365 Web is free for the current time frame, and looks like it will work well in a pinch for Office interoperability.

The only issue I’m really having with Linux now is Nouveau drivers for NVidia graphics cards, which freeze and crash my 2009 desktop’s XFX GT 240, while the proper NVidia drivers are not compatible with the 5.x kernels. So I will have to spend money on my old rig to replace the Geforce with a Radeon to run Linux. I’m quite happy with Linux on the Framework with Intel GPU drivers, so I just threw Windows 11 on the 2009 desktop.