How long will the Layout stay the same?


I’m really happy, that there now is another good solution to the Computermarket Problem.
The Framework Laptop seems to be a very good Platform.

Now I was wondering, considering to order one as soon as it is possible from Germany, for how long will the Layout of the Framework Laptop stay the same?

What I mean by that, taking Purism as an Example, they have by today created I don’t know how many different Laptops and they got discontinued everytime with the newer model.

The result then was a different size, different Ports (maybe, I don’t know) and different specs and maybe a loss of spare part availability.

So my question is, will Expansion Cards still fit in the Framework Laptop 10 years from now or if not, will there be an easy solution to convert the cards to a then maybe newer Expansion Card System?

Will the Expansion Card model as it is persist?

Will there be Upgrade Mainboards instead of whole new Laptops to buy, so one could just change the mainboard?

Of course, some things like CPUs have to continously change for the better.

But will the Framework Laptop Platform, at it’s core setup as it is now, stay through the years or will it change completely after 3 Years so everyone has to buy a completely new one?

I would appreciate any feedback to this topic :slight_smile:

Greetings ^^


Framework appears dedicated to continuing supporting this form factor with updated mainboards, and I assume any other products would be designed to have as much cross-compatibility as possible. You will even be able to sell your old mainboard on the marketplace, or use it outside of the laptop like a much more powerful RPi

Sounds good, thanks for the post :slight_smile:
I do hope things like the Marketplace will also exist soon and not being some Unicorn Promise.
“any of the compatible ones we’ll be building” on the other hand sounds very much the same like Dell with there old Alienware Laptops, where you could replace the GPU but nearly none existed in the required size :smile:

I just really hope their not making empty promisses and lie to us like others do by 99%

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