The two Firmware Engineer roles have been filled?

I no longer see the firmware engineer roles on the hiring page. Have those been filled?

Me neither! If they have been that’s great news! Lemme check “The team” page!

Looks like a no sadly.

Seeing as the positions are no longer on the “We’re Hiring” page, it’s likely that the two positions have been filled, and Framework is waiting to add them to the website until some sort of onboarding has been completed. We’ll have to wait and see if they make an announcement in the future!

From the time of hiring to the point where an employee is put on the “our team” page can take weeks, because it’s often just not that high of a priority


Or, could it be that there’s a change in the direction: Instead of hiring two firmware engineers…maybe Framework has engaged with professional services elsewhere to development and maintain the firmware?

It’s possible! I guess I was a bit too quick to assume that they hired internal firmware engineers. We’ll just have to wait and see if the positions get posted to the website, or if they make an announcement about a partnership/outsource.

We have a new Firmware Engineer starting soon!
I am excited! :slight_smile:


That’s AWESOME! Really exciting news!

I wonder if the “12th Gen suspend with USB-A / HDMI expansion card battery drain improvement” can be ported back to 11th gen. Guess that’ll be on their plate when they start.

Think I’m getting closer to deciding on getting a 12th gen DIY.

Yay! So glad Framework was able to fill the position, and can’t wait to see what the dedicated firmware engineer is able to do for the company! Wishing the new hire good luck!

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We’re looking forward to the new Firmware Engineer on the team starting! On the two job postings, we often post the same role in both Taiwan and the US, but there is actually only one position being filled by wherever the best candidate happens to be.