The Verge: Fails of 2022: the Intel P-series was a step back

I saw this today and it made me think of all the Framework customers who are disappointed in their battery life. The Verge: Fails of 2022: the Intel P-series was a step back. Personally, for my use case, I love the Core i5-1240P. But I do understand that not everyone has my use case of compiling code while plugged into a dock most of the time. Anyway, it looks like Framework isn’t alone.


I love this laptop but Intel really did a lot of manufacturers dirty with the 11th and 12th gen chips. Framework is not blameless either with the small battery and poor optimization, but they are just a startup compared to the behemoth that is Intel.


@PDXTabs Thanks for sharing - just saw this over on The Verge and knew we’d be discussing it here.

It’s always a trade-off between power and portability with laptop processors: the author’s take is “too much power, not enough battery life” for this crop of P-series laptops. This would affect some more than others depending on the use case of course. For us, a lot of Framework users love the capability, and portability isn’t a huge issue if you’re a power user with a dock or forever near a wall outlet. But for anyone hoping for an all-day ultrabook, be it Framework or any other laptop mentioned in the article, the battery life issue is an inconvenience at best and a deal-breaker at worst.

I’m satisfied with the Framework’s battery for my use case, which is primarily as a laptop doing light tasks professionally (and some plugged-in gaming out of hours) but sometimes wish I’d opted for the i5 rather than the i7-1260P because I don’t need the extra compute power and may have had more battery savings. The grass is always greener, though, and I don’t regret my choice ultimately.

This forum is a huge help for anyone looking to maximise their battery life - I’m now getting close to double what I had out of the box, thanks to the various tweaks and tricks other users have shared. So thanks everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am also completely satisfied with my battery life. Currently getting between 8.5-10 hours on a charge at 35% screen brightness and the usual TLP tweaks in Fedora 37. This is perfect for me, the CPU is a beast when I need it, performs well on battery, overall it is fairly quiet, does not turn in to a heater, really don’t understand what the complaints are about. Oh, just noticed a vlogger running around all day…yeah that was their target audience. :roll_eyes:

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Could not agree more. The 12th gen was a response to AMD and the efficiency is horrible. They would have done a better job having all laptop CPUs be the U series instead of the P series. It’s like 90% of a P series with 140% better battery, noise and temps. Plus windows 10 doesn’t identify difference between cores. Other laptops simply increased battery size, but framework was stuck with what they previously designed :frowning:

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