There any chance of an ARM model with no fan?

I’ve been using a MacBook M1 now for a couple years and it’s just so powerful, with long battery life and no fan. I tried to buy one for my mother, but she is too old to learn a new OS and couldn’t understand Mac OS.

I was wondering if there will ever been an ARM version of these without all the horribleness x86 brings which makes Laptops so horrible to live with? I’d really love one and I would pick one of these as I’ve been searching for an easy to repair Laptop as my mother constantly gets through Laptops…


Hello and welcome!

When you search you’ll find a lot of similiar requests, but Framework doesnt confirm or deny such things and they only release products once they’re ready.

So it is possible that they’re working on it… or not.

Not the answer you were looking for, but all I can give you.


Considering the new Intel N200 runs 4 e cores and runs fanless.

I wonder if Framework would allow us to fully disable the P-cores and just run fanless though.