Thermal Pads Thickness

Before I go deep diving, I wondered if anyone has measured up the different thickness of the power delivery thermal pads etc.?

Thinking of trying some Gelid pads for a test.

Okay I’ll go diving myself.


One of the pads is very thin (possibly too thin?) and I don’t have tools to measure it accurately otherwise I would have answered.

Yeah I think I’ll need a range of 2mm/1mm and 0.5mm. I may not replace them all.

From memory only one pad is in that range while the others are closer to 5mm.

Look forward to the results of your tests!

Did you ever replace the pads and did it make any measurable difference in cooling?

I’m going to be swapping my thermal paste for ptm7950 and wondering if I should swap the other thermal pads at the same time (or if re-using the current pads would be fine).

No I didn’t. Once I put it all back I didn’t want to mess up the PTM again. So I still have a load of Gelid pads of certain thicknesses.

Would be nice to know the thickness of all the pads in the Frameworks to cut out the guessing.

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