AMD: Optimizing thermal paste?

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Does anyone have experience with optimizing the thermal paste on the AMD model? I hear the fan regularly and have a lot of heat on the underbody - to be honest, I don’t know that from the M1 Pro. Or is my expansion stance wrong?

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I’ve ordered the Honeywell PTM7950. There is a balance to be had between getting the best performance and not having to repaste every few months when using more traditional thermal compound / liquid metal. The PTM7950 is a one time job (as long as you apply it correctly) as it lasts years rather than weeks/months.

Based on a lot of reviews I’ve seen on YouTube, it’s performance is really good (even compares to other aftermarket thermal compound). You just have to be aware that you need to let it burn in first to make phase change to liquid and back a few times to really fill the gaps. I’ve seen one or two reviews where the reviewer is applying and testing as soon as its loaded up without doing this burn in and then being disappointed.

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Has anyone tried graphite sheets like the Thermal Grizzly KryoSheet?

I actually emailed them about using it but they weren’t too sure about if the mounting pressure would be enough for good results, a common laptop problem I guess.

No, but based on reviews I watched, they don’t really perform better than standard thermal paste and are just cleaner to apply/remove (and very expensive). Also they’re conductive, so dangerous. Not as dangerous as liquid metal, but still. I’d rather use PTM7950.