Thinking of ordering the 3D printed case from Craftcloud. Need some input on the materials

Looked around a bit and found a couple videos showcasing the case Framework uploaded to their Github, and instantly loved the design. Cut’s down on the space used, and does so looking :sparkles: fabulous :sparkles:. I’m in the process of getting all the materials ordered through Craftcloud since I don’t have a 3D printer (nor the space, nor the know-how), but I’m not sure if I’m picking the right materials for certain parts. Here’s my cart for reference.

Here’s my thought process on the materials from a noob perspective-

  1. The bottom section should be heat resistant, and be able to take a couple bumps, while not making scuffs too noticeable with the rough texture. Considering some sort of metal just so it dissipates heat easier, but I think it would conflict with how things attach.

  2. The top section obviously needs to show off the internals, but I’m concerned about the heat resistance, and the possibility of it bleaching.

  3. And with the amount of times the inserts would be popped out, they need to be sturdy, but not to the extent that they aren’t able to be inserted into the holes.

To anyone who’s made/ordered parts for this case, or has experience in 3D printing, give any input you have. It would honestly help more to edit the cart and share your changes along with said input. I want this case to last a while, and be well worth the wait when I get everything at one time.

Thanks in advance. :3

I would keep the metal bottom cover. You probably won’t find the stiffness or heat resistance you need in a polymer. You could try carbon fiber nylon filament but that’s an expensive test. Printing the top cover could be fun and clear resin would the best choice for showing off the internals. Share some pictures if you end up printing the top cover!

@Taylor_Broussard Ahhh… okay. So then what material should I go for that wouldn’t be turned into cheeze if I start doing something hardware intensive?; And I definitely will. I’ve already got an idea in my mind of what it’ll look like, and would be really stoked to see this thing in real life. Was hoping to see a couple of people pop up saying they’ve printed one, and if there were any pros or cons to the design/type of materials.

But this is a start. -w-

ABS is usually fine up to 90C, PC can go iirc to 110C or such, Nylon I think will work ok around 100C. If there is carbon-filled or glass-filled option, it can add +10C to max temp.

PCL, PLA, PETG won’t work – those melt pretty fast.

Also I don’t think you’ll get any kind of transparency with FDM without post-processing, i. e. parts will matte-glass-like transparent with cross lines.

Look into ApolloX. Designed for applications under the hood in cars. No idea if that print service stocks it or not.

Probably not. But if there’s another printing service that can, I’m all ears. I only know this one because of the person who mentioned it while they were reviewing the case. Although they printed it themselves.

Updated the cart based off some input.

Thinking of following suit, so please let us know how your build goes. If everything works out on your end, I’d love to try it!

@Sean_Kirkland I’m saving up a bit more for both the PC and the print, but now that I’ve had time to think about it-

This entire thing was almost an impulse purchase. lol

But I’m still considering it further down the road, but for now- I’m not doing anything too demanding. Clip Studio, web browsing, light gaming, video editing (it does take a bit to export, but I don’t mind the wait honestly), etc.

Once they buff out a couple rough edges based on feedback I’ve seen in forums, I’ll definitely lock myself in and purchase one. Just wanna make sure everything is stable before I take a swan dive into the deep end. (and adding an AMD option, it’ll happen eventually)

I like the idea of ordering it for someone who has a board, assessing it, and then sending it their way somehow and letting them do a sort of “review” based on the design, materials used, and if they recommend the purchase for people who are interested in a smaller footprint. But I’m not really sure how to send packages to people. lol

Or just ordering it for fun, the model itself looks really cool, and I’d like to see how well the materials mix together. -w-

But however it goes, I really hope the materials work well, and really display the design like I hoped.