Third update on Framework Laptop 16 shipment timing

I am in a similar situation. When I had pre-ordered, I had planned for it to arrive before end of December as I had to go on a vacation and needed a laptop for my studies. If Batch 1 doesn’t start shipping by mid January or so, then I will have to think about cancelling as well.


I’m really holding out hope for a release by mid jan or something, I’m batch 3 and I’ll need it before march so I’m really counting on stuff working out nicely

13 days since the last update. Something tells me they are working head down, even during the holiday period.

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@Matt_Hartley still heads down for now or should we possibly expect some update soon? :eyes:

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FW team I hope you’re prioritizing your well-being, we’re all excited for this product but your personal well-being is far more important!


Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly debug these machines before shipping them out. While I’m definitely jonesing to get my hands on the two 16” that I ordered, I’d much rather wait and get something that doesn’t have quirks than get it sooner and struggle with unknown problems.

You have your priorities right. :+1:

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I tried doing an estimate with chatgpt while assuming a smooth production schedule, and starting from december 18, FAI starts on christmas (or later depending on holidays), reviewers get their samples and reviewing finishes around mid-january, and assuming a week per batch people might start seeing their laptops pretty soon, maybe add 1-2 weeks to account for shipping times. im in batch 15 and it estimated me around mid-april to mid-may. i mean im more than happy to wait for a laptop this good lol id rather get a polished product rather than a buggy mess (not to say i wouldnt have fun trying to figure out said bugs lol)



First of all, that ChatGPT doesnt know the whole story. Why the heck are you using it for this purpose anyway!?

Second, my guess (and this is almost guaranteed at this point) is that we will unfortunately see a delay in the first batch of at least a month. Given the email that just came out last night, it would be impressive and almost impossible for the review samples for reviewers (I wonder who they will be) to arrive to them before the new year. Meaning that thd first batch will be shipped out no earlier than mid to late January 2024.

Am I a bit disappointed because I will be without a good laptop for a notable amount of time? Definitely. Would I take this delay over having an unfinished laptop? Also yes. Also unfortunately, there isn’t an alternative product with proper Linux support, a US ANSI keyboard, and a not 16:9 screen that exists at the moment, apart from the 13 inch Framework Laptop, which at this point I’m just going to keep waiting for the 16 inch model, becuase I prefer having the additional ports, the bonus keyboard and trackpad layouts with number pad option, and the dGPU of the 16 inch.

Now if by some massive stroke of bad luck, the first batch doesn’t make it to even the end of Q1 2024, at that point, I would almost certainly have to cancel, because I would have been waiting almost 9 months for a laptop that hadn’t come yet. But I doubt that bad of a delay will happen for batch 1 orders, and I’m still willing to give Framework the benefit of the doubt, as it seems like they’ve been very transparent about the production process of these laptops, which in this day and age in the laptop OEM industry, is unheard of. And that’s an embarrassment to everybody else!


People using ChatGPT as an all-knowing oracle with infinite capabilities is so funny


first of all, …idk i was bored lol

second, yeah thats unfortunate, but i understand first impressions are everything especially for reviewers, so as i agree with you in your later paragraphs, i do prefer they iron everything out and make sure it is worth people’s wait and money rather than give something incomplete that could break by burning itself to death or something. i know im in for one hell of a wait time with being in batch 15 but itll probably be the best laptop ive ever used, hands down. my dad bought an HP laptop from London Drugs and it gets absolutely OWNED by the HP Pavilion DV7 he got like 13 years ago plus an SSD upgrade and new thermal paste (which it now has a problem where it shuts itself off for no reason and i think i might take it to a laptop repair place because i think this trooper deserves a new life)

i dont see it as that, i was just bored and asked it something. im not expecting 100% accuracy lol