Thunderbolt support on New AMD Ryzen 7 Framework Laptop 13

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I just preordered the new AMD Ryzen 7 Framework Laptop 13in. I use an eGPU as a dock at home. I am wondering if this model will support thunderbolt! I really want a framework laptop and absolutely support what they are doing. I am just wondering if their machines will have official support for thunderbolt. I kindly thank you guys in advance for any responses I receive!

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All models support Thunderbolt, only 12th gen and onwards are certified, AFAIK. AMD should have USB 4 support, which does the same thing, but we have no info yet.

Yep, The AMD variant supports USB 4 which contains part of the Thunderbolt 3 spec

USB4 on the top two ports includes thunderbolt 4 support may have thunderbolt 4 support (hopefully Framework has confirmed this elsewhere). The bottom two ports are USB3.2 which may (but probably will not) have thunderbolt support.

edit: I remembered after posting this response that USB4 technically doesn’t require Thunderbolt (THANKS USB-IF) so hopefully someone from Framework can respond here with details on if they will be including it, or someone can find a post somewhere else where they’ve already confirmed it.

The spec is here:™%20Thunderbolt3™%20Compatibility%20Requirements%20Specification%20Rev%201.0%20-%2020210129_0.pdf

TBT3 and 15W are required for at least one USB4 port (and recommended more, if more ports are USB4).

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This spec says it’s for devices that claim to be “compatible with Thunderbolt” While the Intel mainboards do have that claim and meet the requirements listed in the spec, I do not believe I have seen any claims that the AMD boards are compatible (though I may be mistaken).

Hey, I am sure you are satisfied with the answers you have already received, but Framework themselves have conclusively confirmed that Ryzen 13 Laptops will have two USB4 ports that support eGPU.

Article link is here;

eGPU confirmation is in the 4th paragraph - here in an excerpt from the web page.

“If you want to use an eGPU, you can do that too! This is because the Framework Laptop 13 with Ryzen™ 7040 Series processors has two fully capable USB4 ports, with the back left and back right Expansion Cards slots. The front left Expansion Card slot can handle both USB 3.2 and DisplayPort Alt Mode, while the front right Expansion Card can use USB 3.2. This does mean there is one Expansion Card slot that can’t support the HDMI or DisplayPort Expansion Cards, and most OS’s will provide a warning if you forget. You can charge your Framework Laptop through any of the four Expansion Cards as well.”

I am very excited to receive my Ryzen 7 Laptop, too!