Thunderbolt/USB on AMD version of 13

I would like to ask how are ports implemented on the AMD version of frame work laptop. What exactly are the USB4 ports in the laptop with AMD chips. Is it thunderbolt? Is it USB4 version 1 which supports one direction of 40 gbps or is it USB4 version 2 with bi-directional 40 gbps - so 80 gbps speed.

It is just a complete mess with all of these USB/Thunderbolt standards.

In addition, which 2 exact ports on AMD laptop are the fast ones and which the slow ones.

I am planning to use the laptop with an eGPU. so I just want to make sure it will work or whether I should get an Intel model.

Thunderbolt is a standard from Intel, I believe.
USB-4 is a somewhat compatible standard from general industry.

There is a diagram showing which ports support what capabilities for the Framework 16.
Unfortunately, with a quick search, I didn’t find it.

Hopefully someone can, and can post the link.

This seems to be it, from the specs pages for the FW16

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Thank you for reply. I know thunderbolt should be compatible with USB4 but what version of USB is present, I dont know.

PS: I am talking about 13 inch version, not 16 inch. Do you have that one, as well?

From Framework | Choose Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (AMD Ryzen™ 7040

USB4/DP is USB4 v1 with DisplayPort Alt mode. USB 3.2 has not been defined, but I would guess is actually what is now referred to as USB3.2 gen 2x2, which used to just be USB 3.2. The 3.2/DP also has DisplayPort alt mode. The “Top Two” ports are the ones closer to the hinge, where the bottom two are closer to the trackpad. Left and right are relative to you looking down at the keyboard.

Thank you for the reply!

Do you know whether those USB4 are ports thunderbolt compatible? Do they support pci tunneling and 40 gbit speed? If I remember correctly, it’s not a requirement for usb4

On the 11th Gen, they were never certified as compatible with Thunderbolt. I think that came with the 12th Gen boards.

So unofficially supported.

Can’t speak for the new AMD boards