Time for new tags in the forum for threads about AMD or Intel hardware?

Hey there !

Since the AMD release and all the recent guides and tips by the community, it would be great to better identify the discussions with more tags or maybe using brackets in the title like [AMD] ?
Since the two platefoms AMD/Intel are handling things or working differently it would be better to split the discussions than having comments like 'if you have Intel do XXX, else if you have AMD do YYY".
What do you think ?


I think that’s a good idea. I think that tags are better such as “intel-11th”, “intel-12th”, “intel-13th”, “intel-12th-chromebook”, “amd-ryzen-7040” under Framework Laptop 13 category.


@moderators, could you consider adding tags per @junaruga’s suggestion? This should help keep threads on topic and aid discoverability, especially given the upcoming 16" release. Thanks!

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