Is there a notation we should use to address the various FL13/16 Intel/AMD models?

Maybe something like:


Or maybe there’s something I’m not aware of?

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How about just
FW13 intel gen13
FW13 amd

It’s more characters, of course, but you want to be understandable to people who are new or casual users. I don’t think they are going to get FL13.13i so easily. If you must have a shorter version, I’d do “FW13 i13” using a space. Or underscore if it’s a filename.

It might technically be “Framework Laptop 13” but most people seem to call it just Framework 13. Could this be an issue when searching old information in the future when there is also Framework Phone 13, Framework Printer 3, Framework toaster XL 2… maybe! :upside_down_face:
Where there is only one generation, I wouldn’t expect people to specify.

Can’t wait until we have a FW Phone13, FW Print3, and FW Toast XL2


+1 for this, it is pretty clear and easier to type.

I would not abbreviate intel and amd to i or a prefixes. You save a couple of characters but make it more difficult to interpret.

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The most descriptive way to do it is list the specific processor instead of just the brand of CPU. For example:

FW13 Intel 1340P
FW13 AMD 7840U
FW16 AMD 7840HS

I really hate both companies’ mobile naming conventions, but AMD’s is so much worse. It’s a deliberate ploy to obfuscate the CPU generation in the processor name by having the ‘7’ correspond not to the generation, but the year of release. It works now in 2023 because it’s the same as the 7000 series of desktop processors, but it’s going to get really confusing in succeeding generations.


You are technically correct, which is the best kind of correct :slight_smile: I agree that the naming conventions in many tech fields is getting worse.

Unless an issue/request requires the full processor name to troubleshoot, the shorter version would suffice in many situations. How to determine those situations is not clear though.

For example:

I broke the connector on my FW13 AMD mainboard for the touchpad

is enough detail for this case however:

I cannot get more than 3 hours battery life out of my FW13 AMD

wouldn’t be enough detail for this case.

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On the discord, we typically say “FWL13” or “FWL16”. If it’s necessary to include the gen, it would be “13th Gen FWL13” or “7040 Series FWL13”. The specific processor could be used instead if it matters.

While it would be great to figure out a shorter way, if we abbreviate too much, it gets confusing to new community members, which we should avoid.

There’s also a post on Framewiki for this stuff, so if we come up with a consensus, we should be sure to add it there. Abbreviations | Framewiki


I like the notation for Framework Laptop is FL. I don’t like the notation FW, because it is for Fframework Laptop, not Frame Work Laptop. I also want to consider the notation is clear with Framework’s possible future products such as Framework Tablet (FT), Framework Phone (FP), or Framework Printer (Oh, another FP).

I don’t mind FWL or FL, but please not FW, although sadly used by many in this forum…

That one is already taken by FairPhone. For example “FairPhone 3” is shown as FP3 in Windows upon connection.