Touch-pad physical click not working

@Charles3 I think you’re confused, this forum is specifically for the framework laptop, your laptop is a Lenovo, which is an entirely different machine from a different manufacturer. The issues would not be related to what is discussed here, and it is unlikely that anyone here can provide you any useful suggestions. You’d be best to contact Lenovo support or a forum discussing Lenovo laptops or laptops in general for help.

@edan Thanks for the tip…I like what the company is doing, and I recognize this is a first gen product, but this is the third minor but annoying defect I’ve encountered on this machine. It’s nice that they are correctible (or at least “work aroundable”–I still cannot charge effectively at 15 volts), it would be nice if there was some pro-active discussion of issues like these.

The flaky touchpad was minor but significant enough to disrupt usage of the laptop.

The flaky USB-C connections prevent using them for anything besides charging. I tried to follow the repair instructions but the fix didn’t take didn’t fix them.

Now I just saw there is a note to add a heatsink to the 1TB expansion card, which might explain issues I saw with the expansion card instead of the flaky USB-C connections!

And there’s also the RTC battery issue…

In all 4 cases, Framework knew I was a customer with these items, and never reached out to me. When I contacted support, they just gave me the run-around.

I thought Louis Rossman’s take was spot on. If Framework had reached out to me, and offered SOME solution besides “fix it yourself” I would have been frustrated, but reasonably satisfied. As it stands, I bought a Macbook Pro because even though I know Apple sucks in a lot of ways, they will support me.

For now, my Framework laptop is in a drawer. I’ve considered getting the cheapest replacement motherboard, and then seeing if anyone would like my “mostly working” first gen board for a little money.

Weird, I was having the same issue. Pressed firmly (but not overly hard) against the trackpad and ran my finger up, down and across the track pad a few times and now it’s working again. I wonder if something is prone to coming loose.