Physical clicks on trackpad slightly unreliable/intermittent

Tap to click does work if I have it on, but if I’m playing a multiplayer game that’s all mouse based, and an accidental click would be irreversible, I turn it off for those games.

However, pressing on the trackpad seems to be “missed” by Windows sometimes. It seemed to be the worst right after bootup, to the point where I thought the “button switch” was defective. But when it decided to work again, it was consistent. Using the keyboard and actually moving the cursor was just as responsive as ever, with no lag.

It doesn’t feel like a hardware problem, at least not with the switch itself anyway. Pressing slightly harder on the trackpad (without being too rough/aggressive) did not trigger it either, but when it “decides” to work again, it’s just as consistent as it’s always been.

I’ve plugged external mice into it before, but I was having this problem with the external mouse disconnected. Didn’t install drivers for “extra functions / configuration” with any external mice, and the first time I had this issue was during a fresh bootup with the external mouse disconnected.

Any idea what might cause this? It’s not the DIY edition so I didn’t plug the trackpad in myself, and again, when the physical click isn’t wanting to work, the actual cursor still moves.

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I’ve been seeing this on my Batch 3 with Windows as well! Unfortunately, every time I try to reproduce it it clicks just fine… but after waking from sleep or first boot it’ll occasionally drop one or two.

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I’ve had mine for two weeks now and I’m starting to see the same issue (Ubuntu 21.10). It’s starting to not register almost half the clicks at this point.

I keep tap to click off because I hate it (not just on here but every laptop I’ve ever had) so that’s not a viable fix for me.

@Michael_Cowart I had similar trouble. Gently tightening the screws holding the bottom of the touchpad to the input cover seemed to help.


Could be a grounding issue? Make sure everything is seated correctly (e.g. ribbon cable(s)) and nothing is loose (like screws).

I second @Brad_J , The left side of my trackpad (On the latest batch) was starting to feel weak and give into clicks, it felt springy.
Popped it open, tightened the left side’s screws, and it’s back to normal, maybe slightly weaker on the lower left than the right side or the top of the trackpad but now it’s hardly noticeable. I’ve been clicking a lot on the lower left.

@Brad_J I opened it up and those screws were much looser than the tops. Tightened them up and will see if it makes any difference.