Touchpad Issues, No tap click, physical click "locks" and poor Palm rejection

I just got my new Framework 16, Batch 3, running windows, applied full drivers and updates. And honestly it’s a really nice product but the touchpad has been causing me issues, it’s failing to detect tap clicks and when I do physical clicks it locks up. It also has really poor palm rejection. Hope there’s a solution for this thanks

The best answer might be to contact the Framework support people, but here’s what I’d do first if it were me: pick up an Ubuntu “live USB” image, put it on a thumb drive (instructions here), and boot from that thumb drive.

Since it’s a “live” image, it will offer you two choices: install it, or just try it out. Select the just-try-it-out option, and see if your touchpad works correctly under that OS. If it does, then the problem is software (i.e. something in your Windows install), and you can try reinstalling the drivers or Windows itself to solve it.

If, on the other hand, the touchpad acts the same screwy way under the installer or in Ubuntu itself, then the problem is a hardware one, and you’ll be armed with that much more information when you contact Framework about it. They might need to ship you a new touchpad module, or they might have other troubleshooting techniques to try first.

Disclaimer: I don’t have my Framework 16 yet (batch 17), just going by my own troubleshooting experience.

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