Touchpad issues - Ryzen and Windows 11

I received my laptop with Ryzen 7040 some days ago.
After installing RAM, SSD and keyboard I installed Windows 11 Pro.
I downloaded and installed the drivers from here.

Still I have some issues with the touchpad.
The “right click” doesn’t work properly.
You hear the touchpad clicking, but nothing happens.

After some time I found out that it only works if you click “harder than usual”.

I never experienced a touchpad where you need to apply that kind of pressure.

As I write this I have a Lenovo Thinkpad and a HP ProBook on my table.
They don’t require any force to trigger the right click on the touchpad.

Is there something that I can do about this issue?

You can find many reports on the forum of “two click levels” which seems to be a similar issue to what you are experiencing.

Some people have solved it with mods:

I also went into some detail here: Touchpad Quality Lacking

You can also try contacting support if you think there is a hardware issue with your touchpad.

@tillk12345 There is a known issue with the touchpad, in which the laptop manufacturer was unable to align the glass on the touchpad within the tolerances needed, and the glass can rub against the top input cover.

Take a look here at these support page articles/guides:

  1. Have you had a chance to visit this article? My touchpad isn’t working
  1. Could you try to re-align touchpad. Please see the link below for your

If these articles don’t help, you absolutely need to reach out to support.

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