"two click levels" issue resolved by adding a small bit of heat shrinking tube

I noticed some people had this issue as well and I somehow solved it for the time being, so I thought just documenting what I did might be a good idea. However, please know that I am no expert and this is far from an ideal fix. For context, I just received the 7040 series 13 inch version.

I was noticing that the left click of my touchpad was having “two levels”, where
there would be two subsequent clicks of the pad at differing levels of pressure.
The first one of these was not being registered by the OS, so I went searching.

Turns out that this is indeed unintended, so I started taking a look at fixing it.
I submitted a request to the support and tried the guide here, which some said might fix the issue.

However after a bit of trial and error, I noticed that the touchpad position was seemingly uncorrelated to the issue. Though I did notice that when the keyboard cover is off the laptop, the issue seemed to disappear. The same happened when the screws of the cover had not yet been tightened. Tightening the screws then seems to introduce the issue.

I took the keyboard cover off again and very carefully tried bending the cover and then clicking the left touchpad button. The actual click was once again preceded by the “fake click”.

I don’t recommend just copying what I did, but I took a small piece of heat shrinking tube and placed it on the QR code on the battery before closing the cover and screwing it in.
This seemed like a safe place looking at which spots it would be contacting and I was hoping that placing something to the left of the touchpad might help with the tension that is seemingly causing the issue.

It did work and I no longer feel this second “click” while using the touchpad.
Though even if I only used a small piece of tube (about 1cm x 1cm when squished) I don’t know which effects on the thermals this might have, so I can’t say I recommend this fix.

However I felt this still might be helpful, hence I created this post.