Framework 16 touchpad spacers stuck

The touchpad spacers on my Framework 16 are having problems.
The spacer on the left side sticks up a bit, preventing the input deck latch from closing.
The spacer on the right side is stuck; the input deck latch is open, but no amount of pulling will remove it.

What am I doing wrong? I’ve been following the video guides, to no avail.

Hi and welcome.

You may not be doing anything wrong. But you provide little detail of what you exactly did.

Maybe some images of how it looks when assembled
Images of the spacers, the backs especially
And of course ensure the main deck is seated ‘properly’

Ok, here’s the left side:

You can see it sticking up.

Here’s the back of the left spacer:

If you need more photos, I have them.

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Thanks for the pictures, are your spacers bent/warped in any way? Are you able to put the other space on the left side?

Also, please make sure that the midplate is seated correctly and the screws are tightened evenly.

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The spacers aren’t obviously bent or warped, but, as I mentioned, I can’t get the right spacer out anymore, so I can’t try swapping them.

I’m sorry, looks like I read your original message wrong.

Are you able to remove the trackpad? Can you see where it is stuck? maybe loosening some screws might help.

Also, if you can remove the trackpad, can you please check if the latch actually works? The plastic mechanism should move when you latch/unlatch it and you should be able to see it if you can remove the trackpad.

After some futzing, I was able to remove the trackpad. Still nothing obvious about the stuck spacer; aside from the inability to remove the thing, it looks like it’s in good shape.

Both latches move, and appear to be doing “the right thing” - the plastic overhangs move towards and away from the grooves in the retention hook.

Here’s a picture of the right spacer:

I finally figured out the problem with the left spacer - I hadn’t sufficiently tightened screw #16, which was sticking up and causing the trouble.

Still have no idea what’s going on with the right spacer, though.

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My right spacer is snug against the led module. I gently use the spudger end of the screwdriver to go in the seam between the two to get it started on being removed. Once I get past the initial half millimeter or so, it comes out easily. But the fit is snug enough that I can’t get my nails between the two to remove it. Maybe that might help in your case as well.


I’ve tried the spudger end, to no avail. Maybe I need to be a bit more aggressive…