Touchscreen for Laptop (not just DIY)

Bump. I would love to add touch screen functionality to my laptop.

Given the release m, i was wondering if anyone’s knows if touch screen were prioritised at all?

I use a lenovo flex on tablet mode with external split keyboard and mouse as my work machine. I’d love to have a surface-style framework with detachable keyboards that i can carry around everywhere :slight_smile:

I know this is an old thread, but just in case anyone Googles it, they might be working on it right now. Linus from LTT, who is a main investor, is apparently pushing for it.

Currently, I’m just wating for this functionality to buy one for myself, because I like being able to write on the screen.

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Do you have a source you could link?
Would be great if we could get a touchscreen option.

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This is the video where it is mentioned via Linus making a question to the Framework CEO: (20) I Made a Bad Decision – Framework Investment Update - YouTube

I’ve seen it commented online too, but can’t remember any other places other than this other video:


From a money standpoint, he’s a pretty minor investor, less than 1% of total funding raised. From a hype standpoint, he might be higher.


The lack of a touch screen compatibility on the FW laptop is the only reason I’m considering cancelling my preorder and just sticking with a new surface for the next few years :frowning:

I want to support the company so bad because I believe that it is a genuinely better product that others in the market, but I literally need to take notes for my classes on a laptop. I refuse to get a tablet when 2-in-1s literally exist for that purpose.

Sigh. Hoping they put some effort into that branch of upgradability. It would be amazing if there was a way to switch out the screen portion of the chassis with an upper chassis such as the one you find on the Surface Laptop Studio :drooling_face: it literally solves all the problems -

  1. Allows you to configure position of the screen
  2. Allows you to fully utilize a stylus

Yeah, I just returned an HP 2 in 1 because it just wasn’t cutting it. The next best option for me is Lenovo, and I just want so bad to be able to support a company that is so right to repair friendly. Framework, let us support you rather than these other companies, give us a a touchscreen! (:

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I always find these wish list posts funny.

please make (insert desired hardware or feature here). i dont understand why it would be so hard to make it compatible, reliable, durable, upgradable, cheaply sourced, and readily available on demand.

comon, do it!

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Some requests are like that. Ok, more and more each day are like that… :face_exhaling: But this one, just for a touchscreen, I don’t think is.

I suspect the issue with a touchscreen, why Framework hasn’t done it yet, is the resonance / wobble when using a touchscreen. I think it would be more than they want or need for a good user experience. They have improved the hinges, and moved to a CNC lid, but it may not be enough. More work to stiffen flex from the lid through the body might be needed.

I just want to add my voice to the throng. I’m planning on replacing my 4 yr old Surface Pro because I’m fed up with replacing keyboards (I’m on my third) and power supplies (second). I was leaning heavily towards the XPS 13 Plus until I stumbled upon a Youtube on Framework. I’m amazed I hadn’t heard of them before

I love the concept.

I want one.

BUT I’ve only used touch screens (fingers and stylus) for the last 20 years. So please - make one available and I’ll buy it


Add my voice to a request for the option of a touchscreen. I am currently using a Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 with a 3:2 screen touchscreen that is nominally 13.4 inches and has a resolution of 2256x1504. This screen must have been manufactured in large quantities for various generations of Surface Laptops. This is almost identical to the Framework 3:2 13.5 inch screen. I hope that when my Surface dies (or more likely becomes economically unrepairable) I can replace it with a Framework 13 with this or a similar touchscreen. Alternately, it would be wonderful if someone in the DIY community could figure out how to transplant screens from dead Surface Laptop computers into new DIY builds of Framework.


I completely agree with the touchscreen request. I live in Australia, and the BYOD Bring Your Own Device amongst schools is almost now completely endemic. All of these schools have IT departments that maintain the student’s devices, and all of them are looking at ways of keeping costs under control. If they are able to fix a laptop on site using standard parts, at a standardised cost, even parents with limited budgets could be confident that in purchasing a device for a child, that the device remained relevant and affordable. All of these schools require touchscreens for tablet use, and most require the ability to use a stylus as well. That is a massive market waiting for this particular product with touchscreen and preferably with an internal dock for a stylus.


Currently using a Surface Pro 8 for digital painting and light mobile audio recording. I would put in a preorder immediately if I saw a screen with touch functionality. I don’t use the touch function much on my surface as I use Wacom devices when I’m at home, but I love painting while being away. I’m not going to carry more than one big device for that though. And while I dislike my Surface, I’m not getting two laptopish devices when one can fill both needs.


There is bucking the market and there is mindlessly bucking the market. There are a sufficient number of use cases for a touchscreen that it should be offered. Touch can always be disabled.