Touchscreen for Laptop (not just DIY)

Don’t be like Apple and try to buck the market advances - all modern high-end laptops have touch screens. We need a touchscreen option. I don’t use it that much, but really like to have the option to click a box or scroll through a long document with the tap or swipe of a screen. The current screen looks good, but for those of us photo & video editors a 4K option would be nice… (or should that be another request?)


Bucking the market is exactly what Framework is about.

I am VERY happy that the screen is not touch sensitive as folks tend to point to the screen as we are having a discussion.

That said, in the future offering one as an option (not forcing it down our throat) is undoubtedly a good thing for many people who actually use it often.


A lot of laptops offer it as an optional upgrade. I just wonder if there’s enough of a market to warrant different screens in this size/ratio down the road. It’s not cheap to get LG or whoever to custom cut panels for you if you’re only going to sell a couple thousand at most :confused:


So besides the fact that a touchscreen has been talked about at length in other topics, the current monitor is a 40-pin which could already include support for a touch screen. With absolutely no insider information, I imagine the biggest hurdle is finding high quality, reliable, 3:2 screens as is. Let alone touch screen panels. A 4K screen would also have the same difficulties. Perhaps that’s one of the drawbacks of the framework. Perhaps when the framework team has sent out its final revision they would consider a second product.

Or perhaps they could be willing to accept a few undergraduate interns into their ranks to do rough sketches for them.


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Microsoft, Google, HP, and probably others have using high resolution 3:2 laptop touch screens for years, so I can’t image it would be that hard.


I wonder why make it difficult and not make it compatible with most screen replacements out there or just let us know which one is compatible?


Bit of a novice in this department, but I look to the Framework as my ambition for a hackable solution; I’ve heard them say how they strive for us to be able to full-on make our own chassis for it if we dare.

What’s to stop me from simply cannibalizing the touchscreen monitor of another laptop & connecting it to the Framework?

I look at it almost as simply “teardown the XPS 13 2-in-1, remove that screen. Attach it to the Framework, configure the drivers, and done!”.

It could fuel a great demand for Ebay’s broken/as-is market. Is this unreasonable, though?

Technical answer? It needs to be a 40 pin EDP connector for starters. If you have that, then you might be good.

In theory if you have the stuff, you could wire it to a driver board and connect it via the side connectors as if it were a standard monitor.