[TRACKING] Fingerprint scanner compatibility with linux (ubuntu, fedora, etc)

For those who uses Nix/NixOS, I made a flake just to slightly simplify @Shy_Guy’s solution with 2 lines of command:

$ sudo nix develop "github:nixvital/fprint-clear"

# After entering the environment

$ fprint-clear

You can find the code in GitHub - nixvital/fprint-clear: Quick solution to clear your fprint storage flake.nix.

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Can you walk me through how you did it? From the looks of it, your reader works fine (based on the image) but is not recognizing the fingerprint itself - worth trying different days, etc. I’ve seen this before across various laptops and companies.

Just got my 13th gen framework and I’m having some issues getting Fedora 38 to even talk to the fingerprint reader.
Fprintd is failing to claim the reader and is asking for a firmware update through fwupd but fwupd is claiming there is no available firmware. The listed firmware version is 01000320 when doing fwupdmgr get-devices.

I have tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, a forced refresh of fwupd, and force stopping and restarting fprintd in all sorts of combinations.

This is a fresh fedora 38 install on a new 13th gen intel laptop. Everything else works and is recognized but the fingerprint reader feature itself.

finished running this and this is the output if that helps anyone

Looking for fingerprint devices.
libusb: error [udev_hotplug_event] ignoring udev action change
<__gi__.FpiDeviceGoodixMoc object at 0x7f2c0e607340 (FpiDeviceGoodixMoc at 0x55f0351841e0)>
libusb: error [udev_hotplug_event] ignoring udev action change
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/tmp/.mount_fprintLY6IjY//opt/fprint_clear_storage.py", line 18, in <module>
libusb: error [udev_hotplug_event] ignoring udev action change
gi.repository.GLib.Error: fp - device - error - quark: Please update firmware using fwupd (1)
libusb: error [udev_hotplug_event] ignoring udev action change
libusb: warning [libusb_exit] application left some devices open

I deleted the Linux (Fedora) partitions first (on Windows), booted from the formatted drive, and at the time of partitioning in the installer (Fedora), I asked it to delete the Windows partitions, create the new ones, format the EFI partition too…

I’m planning to test Ubuntu.

update on this, Support finally got back to me and there seems to be an issue with a new revision of the fingerprint scanner, I have a hacky workaround from support but I have not had a chance go test it out yet, when I do I will add an update

Do keep us posted (in the ticket) - we’re also working on this at the engineering side of things as well.

For 13th gen laptops and new fingerprint readers I was given this option from support and I can confirm that my fingerprint reader now works. It also has changed the listed firmware version from 01000320 to 01000252.

  • Install and boot into Windows (either as a standard installation or with USB passthrough in a VM - I recommend the former)
  • Download and then run the Framework Laptop Driver Bundle installer for 13th gen. This has been shown to resolve the issue on other generations of Framework laptops dealing with the change in the provided fingerprint readers (replacement units in those instances).
  • Then reboot.
  • Now install Fedora 38 again and the firmware issue should be addressed. ← I use Fedora but this might work with Ubuntu or any other version of Linux.
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Waiting on my AMD 13 inch order to be delivered. Can I check if the scanner is the same make + model on the AMD setup please?

Curious, with the new fingerprint readers while still at “new/incompatible” firmware version 01000320: Do they still show up on the USB bus wiht the same ID as the OG device ID:

Bus 003 Device 008: ID 27c6:609c Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co.,Ltd. Goodix USB2.0 MISC

as the older-firmware ones?

(In other words, was this a “SKU change by firmware” situation that the Windows driver auto-mitigates?)

The line above is from the reader on my 11 gen batch 4 laptop (late 2021 vintage). According to fwupdmgr get-devices it’s at firmware 01000248.

From @Nolan_Clark’s post above it seems that there’s a later, still Linux-compatible, version, 01000252. I assume/hope goodix and/or Framework will make this available via LVFS at some point.

Anyway, I also have an AMD on order so I’m watching this thread, since FW engineering is plugged in now I’m confident we’ll have a solution. When I get my batch 5 I could break out ye olde Windows VM to fix this but I’d rather not :slight_smile:

Yes, they still enumerate the same on lsusb, even with the different firmware.

You can look at my post about this issue and my 11th gen batch 5 machine + dive into libfprint / fprintd / firmware.

My fingerprint scanner works fine with zero modifications. All i had to do was update to the newest version of ubuntu (currently 23.04, non-LTS)

Having the same issue on my new 13th gen Framework 13 with Fedora 38. Is there a workaround that doesn’t require Windows?


Same issue here on Fedora 38 with 13th Gen Intel Framwork 13, the previously working fixes seem to no longer work. :frowning:

Need to break down additional details.

Framework 13 13th gen or Framework 13 11th or 12th gen with input cover replacements?

Please include this in your replies. Thanks

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This is a known issue we uncovered and are working with Goodix on. A solution is coming, but we’re still ironing out some details and making sure it’s something we can get into the usual firmware update channels.

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@Matt_Hartley mine is a Framework 13 13th Gen Intel Core i5 pre-order that I just received three days ago … does that help or is more information needed?

Hi @Matt_Hartley, I am also seeing that my system failed to claim the fingerprint sensor. Here’s the data I have so far. Please let me know if additional information is helpful.

  • 13th Gen Framework 13 DIY
  • i5-1340P
  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS
  • Kernel: Linux 6.1.0-1016-oem
  • BIOS: INSYDE Corp., 03.04, 2023-05-24, 0xE0000

Steps taken to get here:

  1. Assembled hardware, booted to disk with existing Ubuntu 23.04 install that I pulled from my old Thinkpad T460s. Shut down.
  2. Enabled TPM from UEFI menu
  3. Install Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS from USB Drive
    a. Full disk erase (I wanted to go back to an LTS release with this computer) and install with LVM enabled, no encryption
    b. Selected to install third party software during setup
  4. Booted to the desktop for the first time, launched Terminal and ran sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade
  5. Rebooted after apt upgrade finished because mouse cursor position was lagging behind input since first boot. (Resolved after reboot; the cursor would move for a split second, then freeze until I touched the trackpad. When I did, the cursor would jump to where it should have been and then move for a split second again.)
  6. Went to Settings to enable fingerprint login, saw error message about failing to claim the sensor. Checked apt updates again and rebooted.
  7. Googled and found the 13th Gen completion scripts on GitHub. Executed scripts one by one. Rebooted.
  8. Copied and pasted the script block instead of typing individual commands. Rebooted.
  9. Googled and found an article referring me to this thread to download the fprint-clear-storage appimage.
  10. Ran sudo ./fprint-clear-storage-0.0.1-x86_64.AppImage per Devyn’s post.
dlopen(): error loading libfuse.so.2

AppImages require FUSE to run. 
You might still be able to extract the contents of this AppImage 
if you run it with the --appimage-extract option. 
See https://github.com/AppImage/AppImageKit/wiki/FUSE 
for more information
  1. The above GitHub Wiki article instructed me to install libfuse2 for Ubuntu 22.04. (And expressly said to NOT install FUSE for Ubuntu >=22.04, in contrast with Ubuntu Fingerprint Troubleshooting.
sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo apt install libfuse2
  1. After installing libfuse2, re-ran fprint-clear-storage and got this error and trace instead:
sudo ./fprint-clear-storage-0.0.1-x86_64.AppImage
Looking for fingerprint devices.
libusb: error [udev_hotplug_event] ignoring udev action change
libusb: error [udev_hotplug_event] ignoring udev action change
<__gi__.FpiDeviceGoodixMoc object at 0x7f90752e1400 (FpiDeviceGoodixMoc at 0x563ccbf431e0)>
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/tmp/.mount_fprintb7cKOm//opt/fprint_clear_storage.py", line 18, in <module>
libusb: error [udev_hotplug_event] ignoring udev action change
gi.repository.GLib.Error: fp - device - error - quark: Please update firmware using fwupd (1)
libusb: error [udev_hotplug_event] ignoring udev action change
libusb: warning [libusb_exit] application left some devices open
  1. Noticed the same errors in this thread with no (edit: non-Windows) resolution yet. So here we are. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to provide further info or open a formal support ticket.

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If you fall into this category:

  • 13th gen
  • 11th or 12th with a newly replaced input cover.

Please open a ticket so we can track this and update you with specific steps to remedy this as they become available.

If you you are using an existing (default) input kit on 12th or 11th gen, then you simply need to run [RESPONDED] Fingerprint scanner compatibility with linux (ubuntu, fedora, etc) - #214 by Devyn_Cairns with sudo.

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Moving updates and path forward for solving this to this thread.

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