[TRACKING] Fn key stops working on PopOS after a while

Thank you both for the quirks series and the ACPI mutex locking, I have combined both in my github fork.

@jubnut I added a Co-developed-by for your e-mail address, your original commit unfortunately did not contain Signed-off-by.

Edit: currently untested, I will hopefully find some time tomorrow.


This is awesome news! Here’s hoping for the best with testing. If I wanted to test this myself, would I be able to?

Yes. Something like:

# setup for building modules (in Debian/Ubuntu land):
sudo apt install build-essential
sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r)
# build and install new modules:
git clone https://github.com/walshb/framework_linux_ec
cd framework_linux_ec/src
sudo make insmod

Edit: this only installs the modules in memory, so they will not be running after a reboot. See the README.md for more information.
Edit 2: Builds and installs fine with kernel >= 6.5. I’ve built successfully on a different machine with kernel == 6.2.0. I doubt it will build on kernels before 6.0.

Update: I’ve been running ectool in a tight loop to test, and after a few hundred iterations it would read incorrect data from the EC.
I found a place in the upstream Linux kernel that was missing a lock. Fixed, and pushed to github.
Looks a lot better now. Currently at 85K runs of ectool, and no errors.


Appreciate the update.

@jubnut I tested your patch and so far didn’t experience this annoying error again. Thanks for your great work.

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Another update: I have rebased my changes upon the AMD Framework code from @DHowett , and pushed to the github repo I mentioned above.
So now the modules should work with AMD-powered Framework laptops.

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