"fn" stops working occassionally

In the firmware, I have chosen “swap ctrl + fn.” However, after awhile (~1 week?) of suspend/resuming, my “fn” key (actually the “ctrl” key) will stop working. In fact, both seem to act as “ctrl.” What’s worse, is that my fn lock becomes undone, so I can’t use my multimedia keys.

Rebooting is the only way I’ve found to fix it. Any one else?


Yes, I have noticed the same problem.
The only fix I know right now is to reboot.

Other users also have reported it on this forum.

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Same thing happens for me, i also commented here:

the frequency seems to be irregular, i cannot find what triggers this behavior, only thing to resolve it seems to be to reboot… since i usually always use Suspend/Resume this is rather inconvenient. I’d be glad for any tips how to track this further, happy to help.

Same problem for me, could not find a way to get them working again except for reboot :sweat_smile: