[TRACKING] Laptop jitters after closing and opening

Hi there,

I recently got my framework laptop and I’m having one massive issue.
Whenever I close the lid, without shutting it off, then open it, it starts jittering, a white bar appears at the top of the screen and it intermittently freezes every couple seconds (from 1s long to minutes).

I’m running the latest Pop!OS and the latest firmware, etc.

What should I do?

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I’ve been seeing a few reports of video oddities with Pop as of late. We have tested support for Ubuntu/Fedora, but will try to help where we can with Pop as it’s compatible at the time of its last testing.

Try booting into the Pop OS Recovery Partition, see if the behavior happens there as well.

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It didn’t do it this time.
I think it might have fixed itself or it’s only intermittent.

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For me when it starts acting up, I change the display resolution to a random one. Then I switch it back to the original and somehow it is fixed until it appears again randomly.

For me, this appears even without closing the lid, quite randomly.

Yeah. It just happened again randomly.

So we can try booting to a recovery partition or live usb. If it’s not happening there, it’s an update to the video driver most likely.

This means we would need for POP to release an update.

I haven’t noticed any problems in recovery mode yet, but it’s very random, it might just not have happened at that time for some reason.

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I totally get it. This is one of those tricky issues that can be difficult to dial in. I’d try (as much as possible; browser, etc) playing some YT videos or similar, see if you can poke the issue to show up. If not, then yeah, it was likely an update and now begins the waiting game or filing a bug with POP OS devs.

This is interesting.
I booted up and was asked to enter my password (after logging in, because of fingerprint stuff) and it happened on that screen, whole display jitters down (about the depth of the top bar in Pop) and back up (split second). I turned on Battery Life mode and it every 3 seconds the screen froze for multiple seconds.
After restarting, I left it on Balanced and there was no freezing.
Any ideas?

For the sake of simplicity and not becoming a time suck for you, if this has not happened on the recovery partition, I’d do a refresh installation.