[TRACKING] RØDE VideoMic Me Usb C mic stopping the boot process (before BIOS menu access)

  1. My RODE usb C mic will stop the boot process when connected at boot !
    It will get stuck on the first black screen.
    If I unplug it , it resumes right away, without the need of a reboot. Like it is waiting for the usb c device to give an answer…like “I am not a boot device”.
    So its presumabely a mix of Bios/ ubuntu / rode firmeware.

The Rode FW is updated to latest 2.2 version (from shipped 2.0)

I am mentionning it on the forum as a knowledge base.
The work around is easy : Unplug the rode mic at boot.

  1. Second issue, is when starting the microphone it always get in a mode where it generates noises at a very loud level.
    WOrkaround : if you unplug and replug it, it will work properly

Where in the boot process does it hang? That would help determining what is at fault. If it is before the bootloader then it can’t be Ubuntu. A good way to test this is to see if it hangs before you can select to get into BIOS or after selecting a boot device. If it hangs after selecting a boot device, that would indicate to me at least that the UEFI is not at fault. If the issue only happens when booting into Ubuntu and not booting into a live image of Fedora or something like that, then it is Ubuntu to blame. If it happens to both the live image and Ubuntu, I would bet your microphone is screwing with something somehow.

Something I just noticed…how is your boot order set in BIOS? Does your microphone show up in the boot order list? Generally, if a device in the boot order doesn’t have a bootable image, the UEFI will move on to the next in boot order until it finds one.

Please show us the kernel messages ans lsusb after plugging it in.

For the first issue:
As said by GhostLegion it is probable that your Frramework picks your mic as a strorage device and tries to boot on it. Since there is no OS on it, you enter a bootloop situation in which your bios ask your mic to provide a bootable OS, doesn’t get any response, waits and start over.
The only thing you can do is, like you said, unplug it at boot.

For the second issue:
I know that PipeWire support for microphone, in particular with Stereo ones, is a bit flacky. I have a Steelseries Arctic S1 headset, which is great and has a stereo and mono microphone. The only problem is that when I switch the mic from mono to stereo, it doesnt work anymore, I cannot get any sound for the mic, when mono works just fine. I can only assume it would be the same kind of problem for your mic and that replugging it would put in the working mode.

Hope it helps :smile:

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@Integrated-Circuit That’s not quite what I said. Really it shouldn’t even be detected as a storage device. It should identify as an audio device. Regardless, it wouldn’t hang if no boot image was found, it would simply move onto the next item in the boot order.

As noted, this is not a blocking issue. Just wierd thing.
The first time it happened I though “damned I bricked my PC !”
I forgot to say it blocks before the framework logo.


Old podcaster (JACK audio user from waaaaaaay back) here. Yes, some mics will hang Ubuntu. It’s annoying, but it can happen. Had a USB mixer that used to pull this sort of thing with me. Fix was a newer kernel (at that time).

I assume this is pulling power from USB-C? It’s worth trying a newer kernel as this may be resolved.

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This morning I wanted to enter the BIOS and forgot my ROD mic.
I couldn t even enter the BIOS menu typing F2.
After atempting 5 times I noticed adn removed the RODE USB C mic.
And could enter directely the BIOS.

I think this is an information : the USB C boot blocking is before "F2 BIOS "

Hmm, that is odd. may be the USB-C device blocking BIOS access for you. The expansion card doesn’t (that I’ve ever heard of) directly.

Looking at the spec again, I wonder if it’s something with the power draw needs of the mic over the port. Worth opening a ticket for hardware support, then linking to this post of mine so they know this appears to be a port/power challenge.