Trackpad issues on Linux: no pinching and vertical scrolling too fast

I run pop!_os 21.04 and the trackpad generally works very well. However, I have two major issues:

  • Two-finger vertical scrolling is way too fast, making it hard to slowly scroll down a page. Changing the touchpad speed in Settings doesn’t affect the two-finger scroll speed. Horizontal scrolling works just fine.
  • Pinching doesn’t work, including in programs (like Figma) that usually support it.

Anyone else experienced those, or has suggestions on how to fix it?

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Since Pop!_OS is Ubuntu-based, this discussion about fast two-finger scrolling on Ubuntu might be useful to you.

The interesting comments/potential fixes start here:

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I’m on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with Gnome 42.1. While the rest of the drivers work out of the box, the trackpad still does not recognize pinching and three finger swiping. Is there a fix to this?