Trackpad upgrades?

I think it would be great if eventually framework sold a capacitive trackpad rather than the heat-based one we have right now. It’s starting to get colder outside where I live and I’ve found that the trackpad does not register my touch until my finger sits there for a while and warms up. Anyone else have this issue or is it just me?

The trackpad is capacitive. If you have a DIY edition did you install the driver bundle?


Just a note, my fingers don’t work on my phone Fingerprint reader if I am dehydrated (me not as conducive :smirk:). Dry weather is as much a culprit I have found.

I am expecting to have the same issue with the Framework reader.

Fingerprint readers are good at saying…
Drink More.

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Maybe this is Framework’s way of telling us to to be healthy and get more water.
I’m so glad that they are looking out for us in health as well! So kind of them :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks like @ImaxinarDM was right. I’ve started drinking more water, and I do not have the same issue anymore even though it is getting colder. Thank you!


Great. We often get engrossed in games or a project and forget.

It’s good for you and the Fingerprint readers. Both your kidneys, liver and general health rely on good hydration. On average we are 60% water.

Fun fact, fingerprints also don’t register well if you are in water too long and go all “prune” mode.