Tradeoffs of Refurbed 11th gen vs. New 12th Gen?

If you haven’t sent a message to support, I would do so. Just because you are out of warranty does not mean that they will completely deny you any help, and there may be a solution they can offer such as a replacement RTC battery, or other troubleshooting solutions. They might say they can’t help you, but with this being a first gen product I have seen them make sure to take care of the customers who bought in to the 11th gen laptops.


@Azure Contacting support was actually my first instinct. Unfortunately, it was Framework support that informed me I was out of warranty:

Thanks for the update. After a review of the issue you have submitted, our system detected that your laptop is already out of the warranty period. You may purchase a mainboard through the Marketplace - Framework | Mainboard can check the link regarding our Warranty Policy. Here: Framework.

This was after they sent me a truncated version of the mainboard resetting procedure, which as sent did not work. Frankly, my support experience was a little disappointing.

I appreciate those who took the time to complain about this problem on the forums though, without them I would not have found the support I needed.

Also, thank you @lbkNhubert for the suggestion!

@BraneGenius Not a fellow Aussie, by any chance? Maybe your jurisdiction has a “reasonable lifetime of the product” clause like our consumer law does.

@Tinkererer_Belle I’m over in the states, so the only applicable clause is likely “caveat emptor”. :face_exhaling:

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It was a long shot, that is unfortunate though. I agree that it’s disappointing that they couldn’t offer you a better solution. I wish I had the answer to your problems, but I do not. Best of luck finding a solution, or an alternative.

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Finally I was out of town for a couple of weeks. Did not have the laptop with nor was it connected to a power source. Came back and it was dead. I was able to start it up by pulling it apart as told here and then it rebooted. Was afraid I had one expensive brick. The bare minimum for any laptop is that it starts up.

Is there any interest here in trying to get the 11th gen (fan) buyers together and seeing if there is strength in numbers? Just sayin’


Let me direct you to the relevant threads.

TL;DR: No, banding together will accomplish nothing. Reach out to support and see what they will do for you. If uninterested in that, a DIY solution is available but if it is goofed up, FW will not replace the board under warranty.


Sell it on Ebay. Move on.

Seriously? Sell a faulty laptop on eBay? That would make me as bad as Framework.

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@Nicholas_C_DeBord Then sell it here. I assure you there are users who would still purchase it.


Not quite, all is differently bad.
The laptop is fine if used regularly and that’s all you have to say to whom you sell it too.

So what is missing . . . Ah! Frameowrk didn’t know during manufacture and after the problem arose didn’t make it a highlight that it requires 6 to 9 hours of charging per week to keep the ML1220 from a radip decline.

Sad but not bad and you can improve by pre-emptively informing.

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We need to provide some clarity here as there continues to be some misinformation being communicated. An RTC battery with full capacity and a full charge can last up to 80 days without charge, so there is not a requirement for charge every week. If the battery has been deep cycled (drained to a very low voltage and then charged) a number of times and has reduced capacity, charging once a week for a few hours can help make sure it does not drop below required voltage. If the battery has been deep cycled too many times and the RTC battery is no longer holding significant voltage, customers are to contact Framework Support and they will provide a complimentary RTC battery replacement, regardless of warranty status, for 11th Gen Intel Core Framework Laptop purchases.