Transfering Windows Key

I ordered the DIY edition without a windows download on it. I would like to transfer my windows key from my old laptop to my new one.
A) how does frameworks laptop first load when all hooked up? And
B) if it doesn’t boot a free version of windows to start with, how do I transfer the windows key to the new one?
Any help will be appreciated!!! Thanks

Am not certain about the initial boot process of Framework laptops specifically, but I’d imagine if its anything like a typical PC, you should be able to boot off of a flash drive with windows installed onto it. (would have to go into BIOS and set the flash drive to be the primary drive, though with no OS installed it might automatically default to it)

Assuming you already have a licensed copy of windows, you can use Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool to create an image of windows on said flash drive

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You can follow the Windows 10 install guide here: Windows 10 Installation on the Framework Laptop DIY Edition - Framework Guides

You’ll be prompted to enter your product key. You can also skip that step and enter it later after installation.


@Robert_Terpin if you bought your existing Windows laptop from a regular manufacturer (Dell, HP, ASUS, etc), you won’t be able to move that license over to the Framework. Your original laptop’s license is considered OEM, and can’t be moved to a different hardware config, as it’s tied to the motherboard/config to which it was originally designed and sold.