Triple HDMI Output

Hi, has anybody tested a Framework Laptop with 3 HDMI outputs at the same time? So not just 3 display outputs, but 3 legit HDMI outputs connected to 3 different TVs (1080p) with 3 different screens without having to use a MST adapter or splitter? Thanks.


It should work since the Intel Xe Graphics on the 1135G7 and 1165G7 supports 4 displays.


You can even use 4 display outputs if you software disable the laptops inbuilt monitor.

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You can also just close the lid and it will do 4 external monitors. At least on windows it does it properly.


But has anybody tested this yet? I learned the hard way that many GPUs that support 3+ displays can only handle up to 2 HDMI outs due to the way the hardware is setup. I have a few dedicated GPUs that support 6 displays but will not be able to do more than 2 HDMI outs due a hardware limitation (and adapters doesn’t fix the issue since its a signal issue, not a connection issue). I need to know if the Intel Xe Graphics that is onboard has this limitation.


Technically, all the display outs on the laptop are coming through DisplayPort over USB-C, then getting converted by the HDMI cards. Not sure if this affects it, but I dont think there would be a limit on HDMI outputs this way.

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Yes, so it becomes a question if the expansion cards are either “active” or “passive” adapters. There is currently no real documentation anywhere on the site for this.

If they are “passive” adapters, then at least 3 of the ports that do DisplayPort need to support dual-mode (DP++); otherwise you have a HDMI limit. If they are “active” adapters, then there is no need to worry about the GPU’s TMDS clock speed limits.

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I’ve opened my HDMI card before, and this is the converter chip thats in there, if it helps at all: PS186 - DisplayPort™ 1.4a to HDMI™ 2.0b Protocol Converter - Parade Technologies, Ltd.


Not really surprising to see Framework pulling it off, since all they did is to wire the TB controllers to the CPU directly utilizing all the PCIe slots.

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