Multiple monitors will be mirrored?

I understand I’ll be able to have up to 4 displays (3 external plus the internal one). Will I be able to view 4 different things or will any of these displays be mirrored?

You can run up to 4 independent displays


Now here is an edge case: If I disconnect the eDP cable (I plan to run it as a desktop) and one of the monitors is supplying power. Can I run 4 external displays? or is 1 monitor always going to be reserved for the laptop display?

You can turn off the internal display in software to use four external.


OK, this makes good sense… (because it is already part of the specs for all of the 3 processor options at this point)

I have a bunch of somewhat “old” monitors that only offers HDMI support, so I wonder if I can order my Framework with 3 HDMI Expansion Cards and use all 3 HDMI ports at the same time, or do I have to use external hubs, dock stations and/or special cables?

Also, about the resolutions the computer will output, will they be ALL per HDMI specs on the processor (4K@60Hz) or just one of them?

nevermind… I just found out the response to this at the HDMI Expansion Card page
With four of these cards, you can support up to four monitors or TVs at that resolution (4K@60Hz) which should mean, yes, all of them, all at the same time…

Still… in practice, we can’t have four, because at least one Expansion Card must remain USB-C for charging the laptop.

You can use something like this dongle plugged in to a USB-C expansion card - Cable Matters USB C to DisplayPort Adapter with charging

The above one is for displayport, but there are similar ones that have HDMI.