True Framework desktop?

I was thinking. what if framework started making motherboards for desktops with its signature product design: The Modular Ports. this would make it a lot more interesting. along with cpu socket varieties for Intel and Amd and PCIe x16 gen 3 or 4 for internal graphics cards and even more stuff

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Here you go

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wait does it have a cpu socket and a pcie x16 slot?

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No but that would just be a regular motherboard…there isn’t any need for framework to enter that market. What I linked is using your FW motherboard in a regular case.

The thing I always liked about that ATX style mount ever since I first saw it posted was the fact that not only did I have a way to use my old Framework when I presumably get a new board… but it gives the option for custom cooling!

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hmm i understand that framework wants them to be reusable but i would love to see one with non-integrated cpu at minimum

That won’t happen.

i get it but why not? why not make the laptop a bit thicker to make the cpu removable

@Connor_Losee The only CPU’s available in that form-factor are desktop class, so unless you are asking FW to stick a weak i3 with worse graphics capability in the chassis (which they won’t) it means a complete redesign. Not just of the chassis but the cooling solution, VRMs and more. At that point, it is a whole different laptop, with a different purpose and target audience. It isn’t just as simple as “making the chassis thicker”. And what would be gained? Upgradability? We already have that. Repairability? CPU’s have such low failure rates that introducing a socket will only increase failure rates. There is literally no purpose to doing so.